1923 Ep. 5 Review-XFL Week 3 Picks-Food and Beverage News (PODCAST)

Leading off with the 1923 Episode 5 “Ghosts of Zebrina” Review. XFL takes the spotlight as I dish out my winners for each game and the weekly pick’em game on their app. Discussing a few articles that I stumbled upon concerning Canada’s new alcohol-tax, Kraken’s new liquor, and Monster Energy’s attempt to woo us with their Beast Unleashed 6% alcoholic beverages. 

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Kraken debuting new spiced rum

Canada Alcohol Tax going up

Krispy Kreme Donuts test run at McDonald’s in Kentucky

Episode five the Ghosts of Zebrina has a lot to unpack in 1923.

The episode starts off dreary and dim as the head of the dutton ranch is suffering from his gunshot wounds. Recovering painstakingly slow. Cara Dutton has to pull the family together for the coming winter. Jack Dutton has to pull himself together or risk losing his fiance Elizabeth. The shady businessman and his pal the scraggly sheepherder Banner are plotting day and night to drive out the Dutton family from the Yellowstone ranch.

Teonna Rainwater has escaped the demented school for now. Finding help along the way but not before almost dying to a wild animal. Then we pan to Spencer Dutton and his lady Alexandra who have gotten word about the troubles on the home front. With some finesse Spencer is able to seal himself a ride with a rag tag captain on a tugboat back to the Americas. I loved seeing not one but two ghost ships and then we see not only the captain die but possibly Spencer and Alexandra herself after the Ghost Ship ramrods them. Good thing Spencer radioed help before-hand.

This was a long episode over an hour. Honestly some scenes were too long. Overall episode 5 Ghosts of Zebrina was thought-provoking and left you feeling tense, touched, and amused at times. I rate it 5 out of 5 stars.

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