Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns ‘Best Bet’

Here comes the Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1) into the doghouse to face the Cleveland Browns (1-1). Kickoff at 7:15 PM CT! Television coverage provided by Amazon Prime Video.

Steelers do not look bad behind the arm of quarterback Mitch Trubisky. The public is all over the Steelers tonight with 66% backing them on the spread as the line has settled to Steelers +4.

The problem I have with the Steelers is the playmakers don’t step up until late in the game. I am looking for a complete game from their role players tonight in the hostile environment. Browns are down two defensive ends in Jadeveon Clowney and Chase Winovich. Steelers will be missing T.J. Watt but have reaffirmed their front-seven on the defense.

In Cleveland it is the Jacoby Brissett show at quarterback and that is well deserved. However, we would be comparing apples to oranges between him and Mitch Trubisky. This game is about moving the chains and capitalizing on the opponent’s mistakes.

This is an angry Pittsburgh Steelers team flying into Cleveland who lost a heartbreaker to the New York Jets four days ago. Pittsburgh would really have to be uninterested to not keep this game close. The opportunity for a great game is on the table but that doesn’t equate to high scoring. I don’t know if the Browns have had enough time to recover from their last game mentally, but they are professionals and teams tend to rely on fundamentals a lot more after suffering defeat.

Close game to be picking a winner here but I am on the Steelers side of things. I believe you will get a final score of 20-17. This is as even as these two franchises have been in years. This early in the season, I think both sides will be prepared for a gritty night.

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