The Time Machine (2002) Film Review

The Time Machine (2002) Film Review

I will review movies in no particular order but as I view them. Keeping fresh content on the site is a top priority of mine.

Watched “The Time Machine” for the fourth time in its existence last night. A noble lead, a fantastic story, and a shocking villain arise. The first good twenty to thirty minutes gave me a feel-good vibe. And then she dies. Dr. Alexander Hartdegen’s fiancé Emma played by Sienna Guillory falls victim to a mugger’s knife.

Emma dying spawns the unfolding innovation of Dr. Alexander Hartdegen played by Guy Pearce. Our protagonist sets out to save his fiancé by way of a time machine. “The Time Machine” film is filled with anecdotal morals and lessons. We learn one age-old lesson quickly when Dr. Hartdegen ventures into the past; you can’t cheat death. Not only does Emma die again but some would argue her second death was far more brutal.

Dr. Hartdegen’s locket falls out of the time machine and shrivels up as he travels toward the future. He ends up not blending in too well but makes an unusual acquaintance named Vox played by Orlando Jones. Vox is a great addition to the plot and lightened the melodramatic mood.

Dr. Hartdegen ventures out for one more place he might be able to call home. Ending up near a colony of people who live on the cliffs of mountains. Our protagonist makes some interesting friends as others question where he came from.

The story may seem too good to be true, our hero resting in euphoria and the cameras panning away. Seats empty throw away your candy wrappers. Instead, monsters that have been waiting in the shadows unveil. They mark their targets with ink darts and capture them. Taking them underground. I appreciate how after all the time travel the singular group of monsters are the main ones the director focuses on for the remainder of the film.

Uber-Morlock played by Jeremy Irons has a versatile role in this film as a double-talking villain. Taking center stage with a good performance near the end. As he throws out some lines that give you a bad guy in the room feeling. Our protagonist Dr. Hartdegen stands firm in the face of double-crossing his friends. They will be left to die if he takes Uber-Morlock’s advice and departs in his time machine. Could be so easy to walk away, it could all go away. However, our hero has a conscious!

Uber-Morlock evaporating into thin air after the scuffle was a vivid reminder of how in a well-made film everything has a purpose. From the moment Dr. Hartdegen’s locket shriveled up outside of the time machine it was refreshing to see this scenario revisited again. In this instance, something disappearing meant gaining something greater.

The point of this story is multifaceted. I walk away with a reminder, that everything happens for a reason. The final rating would be a 5/5.

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