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When I started “Badge in the Shadows”, the name hit me from the jump. In the time I wrote this book I had been through different jobs, relationships, funerals and felt affliction in so many ways. Sound familiar? Writing helps me escape the darkness and sometimes my own shadow. When I created the hero Detective Reisen, a lot of who I am is built in him. This is my best work I have ever done and I have accomplished a lot in my 29 years on this earth. I live with no regrets. I had a dream and in this dream God showed me the cover for this book. There’s a line of dialogue in the book that says, “… Everything else will fall into place.” Friends, everything will fall into place! This was not an easy endeavor and not supposed to be but every second that passes I feel fulfilled. If you can’t afford my book I will cover the cost for you. I leave you with this, “Badge in the Shadows” is a part of me and if you will be so kind as to let it be a part of you, I will be honored.

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