UFC 274 Precise Picks-Best Bets-Prediction Strike Targets

First Best Bet: Rose Namajunas vs. Carla Esparza UNDER 4.5 Total Rounds (+145)

Final Best Bet: Tracy Cortez vs. Melissa Gatto – Melissa Gatto ML (+115)


You all know about prediction strike … wait, you don’t? Prediction Strike is an exchange where you buy and sell shares of athletes for a gain. There are no shorts! You only need your athlete to meet there fantasy points expectation or better to see a price increase and if they don’t perform well the price can still rise if enough people are buying shares of that athlete in your portfolio.

Today I have three targets for you. These are soft open plays. I don’t want anybody thinking they need to make these plays. These are plays I made personally and am sharing with you. I am not a licensed financial advisor and you should consult with a professional before investing.

First Play: Melissa Gatto, SHARE PRICE: $1.12

– What can I say she is amazing and only two fights down in the UFC but two big knockout wins. Tonight she is taking on an opponent who she has a reach advantage over and will look to avoid being taken down and keep this standing.

Second Play: CJ Vergara, SHARE PRICE: $0.60

– This dude is really underrated and I’m not really sure why. He won his last fight in convincing fashion and the guy he’s up against has taken everybody to decision recently. Even if we get a half-ass performance, (which I doubt), that price target is too juicy not to take a chance on. I don’t normally invest in players under $1 but this is too nice to pass up. Something is up here, I can smell it!

Final Play: Loopy Godinez, SHARE PRICE: $1.12

– A (-180) favorite to win her fight tonight. There is no way the price can stay down on Loopy’s stock if she wins in dominant fashion. However, this is a play you can go longer on depending on how she looks in the cage tonight.

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