Halo ‘Solace’ & Moon Knight ‘Asylum’ Recaps-WWE NXT BEST MATCH & RESULTS

Recap of Halo’s new episode ‘Solace’ and Moon Knight ‘Asylum’. Discussing the best match from WWE NXT 2.0 and going over the results. Previewing the NXT 2.0 Spring Breakkin Event this Tuesday! This is the 27th installment in the fourth season of Preston’s Super Show and episode 116 overall.  

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Halo ‘Solace’ – An epic psychological thriller that won’t let you look away. Excellent! Dr. Halsey turns out to be the sheister I knew she was. Master Chief almost kills her in the gas chamber but then saves her at the last second.
This episode in Halo called Solace is focused heavily on Master Chief and I enjoyed that. Narrowing in on our hero was important to keep the show flowing. Each episode has brought us a new piece of information about Master Chief and the supporting cast.
The artifact has brought a lot of trouble with it. The evil chick that is onboard is trying to seduce Master Chief and having success.
We are left with the feeling that Cortana is stronger than she appears and there isn’t much time before the artifact will cause more problems. Four-star episode and my favorite character is Master Chief.
One easter egg I noticed is they kept showing 316 on the doors. That reminds me of the reference John 3:16. Since Master Chief’s name is John. That does make sense.
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16 KJV
Halsey has created super soldiers and tried to make them immortal but able to be controlled. That is where Cortana comes into play. That is where the show gets spicy!

Moon Knight ‘Asylum’ – The scales are balanced! Great episode here. Dealing a lot with Marc’s past. The Egyptian hippo goddess is steering the boat through the sands of time. You see Khonshu and the writers give us the background on how he saved Marc from dying and Khonshu made him his Moon Knight. Edgy and really intriguing all around.
Marc’s childhood is rocky and he’s abused. Terrible and downright unfortunate for him. We all want to see our hero soar to new heights. Then another mind-meld hits us when we find out Stephen is his imaginary friend he made up to cope with the abuse.
This episode went from two stars and finished with four stars in my book. My favorite character is Stephen.

WWE NXT ‘Season 16 Ep. 18’ – I was feeling it. A four-star show overall. Let’s talk about the matches. When you think about it WWE NXT has a lot of matches for an hour and a half show.
Nikkita Lyons defeats Lash Legend. That was a good scrap. I liked how Nikkita Lyons is so stacked and Lash Legend cracks me up. Nikkita hit her with some good moves but that spinning back kick is going to do it. I saw one spot in the match where they whiffed on their move but other than that it was a solid match to kick off NXT 2.0. Three-star match.
Von Wagner defeats Tony D’Angelo. Tondy D’Angelo did all that talking and then went and got beat by Von Wagner who everybody almost forgot about. Really a squash match. Von Wagner finishes him with a big boot to win. If you get finished with a big boot to win that’s a squash match. It went quick and I give it a two-rating. Funny that after the match Tony D’Angelo is calling for a meeting and still talking smack and calls his buddies up. Looks like he needed his buddies for that match against Wagner who was yelling at him “You got nothing!”
Nathan Frazer makes his debut from WWE NXT UK and he’s supposed to have a match. Then Grayson Waller takes out his opponent and starts jawing on the microphone. Until Frazer climbs the top-rope and pummels Waller. Then flings him out of the ring and we get a pretty exciting debut and his first match is set!
Katana Chance & Kayden Carter defeat Yulissa Leon and Valentina Feroz. This was a sexy match. You get a little dance at the beginning. Woooo! Here we are NXT Orlando yup yup! Great match loved the match actually. I say four-star match. They were all hitting their moves, the announcers were hilarious. Great piece to the show.
Legado del Fantasma defeat Josh Briggs & Fallon Henley. Great stylistic match-up. Maybe the greatest stylistic match-up on the card. The big drama is Briggs & Fallon’s partner Brook Jensen is taken out before the match. Briggs is great I like how he works in the ring. Fantasma is great the two guys are like the knock off Uso twins to me. Three-star match.
Solo Siko defeats Trick Williams.
This is Preston’s Best Match of WWE NXT on the night. Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes make their way to the ring. Trick Williams shows off some of his impressive moves. The neck breaker and the dropkick is great. Solo Siko is too much and too talented. He loves getting to that top rope and nailing his finisher the Samoan drop. Four-star match on the four-star show. Close to a five-star for both.
The Viking Raiders defeat Malik Blade & Edris Enofe.
You know WWE NXT had a bump in the ratings this week. No surprise to see Smack Down people coming over like the Viking Raiders to get in on the fun. Smack Down likes those long-standing rivalries that keep going. Not many people want to keep getting smashed and sat on by the Viking Raiders. WWE NXT is great for them. They squash both of these dudes. Malik is good and not afraid to go high off the ropes. Enofe is talented but they do their best moves and barely make a dent in the Viking Raiders. Three-star match.
Mandy Rose defeats Roxanne Perez.
Roxanne stole my heart the moment I saw her. Wow she is something, isn’t she? Not going to beat Mandy Rose this early in the game but great match and fun too. She bit her that was hilarious. A great TV Time user screen name Luisen posted that 23 women were featured on WWE NXT last night. That is incredible. Deepest women’s division in all of pro-wrestling. Three-star match and I look forward to Roxanne in the future. She wants to become the youngest Women’s champion in WWE NXT history. I think it’s very possible.
So far for WWE NXT Spring Breakin’ we have The Creed Brothers vs. The Viking Raiders. Nathan Frazer vs. Grayson Waller. Cora Jade & Nikkita Lyons vs. Natalya & Lash Legend. North American Championship triple threat match with Cameron Grime vs. Carmelo Hayes vs. Solo Sikoa. WWE NXT Championship Bron Breakker vs. Joe Gacy. Last is a sit-down meeting between Tony D’Angelo and Santos Escobar.
Thank you for tuning in and God bless you all. Just like the hands of time I’m turning it over to you. PSALMS 37:4

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CREDIT SOURCE: https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/John-Chapter-3/#16 

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