Halo ‘Reckoning’ & Moon Knight ‘The Tomb’ Recaps-WWE NXT BEST MATCH & AEW SHOCKING NEWS

Halo and Moon Knight latest episode recaps. Discussing WWE NXT’s best match from this past week. AEW has a few shocking announcements, I cover here on Prestons Super Show! Expect an episode every Monday and Thursday. Monday’s shows are located in the Legacy Collection starting today. This is the fourth season and 26th installment of Prestons Super Show hosted on https://anchor.fm/prestonsupershow

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Master Chief loses his cool. Kai removes her para dime from her spine and starts feeling emotion. Master Chief catches on and scolds her. The irony is she tries to stop him from losing his cool while killing a covenant soldier.
Kwan Ha becomes a captive to the guy protecting her because she owes him a huge debt. They make good on rescuing the artifact and there are a lot more revelations. Make sure to keep spotting the Easter eggs and calling them out in the comments below.
The evil chick from the covenant looks defeated toward the end. Four-star episode. Had a great pace and a good buzz to it. I was into it. Dr. Halsey had some good lines. Overall the show is improving week to week.


I liked the entire episode except for the ending. Leyla is under the impression from Arthur that Marc her husband killed her father. They rescue the artifact but there is no chance to save much as Arthur guns down Marc/Steven.
The ending really bugs me that they end up in a mental institution and run into an elephant. The writers went full Disney and I was laughing a little bit. Four-star episode. The first four-star I am giving out for Moon Knight.
People are wanting this show canceled now. People slow down! There are only two more episodes and they could both be fantastic! Let’s let this play out but we are left with a decent episode in the midst of a series that has given us three straight-fire episodes. This one was a bit watered down but I would sit through it again with no problem.
My favorite character is Leyla in this one. She has to overcome all the emotions for an actress in her role. I dig it.


Sanga vs. Grayson Waller – Sanga is a beast and literally is tossing Grayson from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. Completely destroying him and then after a hellacious beat down Sanga capitalizes on some outside ring antics. Pushing Sanga into the ring post. Running from the walkout ramp diving through the ropes and hitting his finisher on Sanga for the pinfall victory. Loved the match and loved the pace. Three star match right there.
WWE NXT is great for the casual fan. I read an article that said AEW is not and that is true in a lot of ways and it’s also not a bad thing. Old school wrestling fans and hardcore ones need a home and that is AEW in my opinion.

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