Florida Senate Challenges Disney-French Presidential Election Hits Climax-Turkey & Israel Mend Ties

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has had enough of Disney going woke in the Sunshine State! Florida Senate is challenging Disney on all fronts and I do a deep dive into the commotion by the ocean. In France it may feel a long way away but the crowning of their next President is right around nightmare alley. Macron or Le Pen is like picking between a pen and a pencil. I hash out the Presidential debate from last night. Rounding out the show sharing my thoughts and a headline about Turkey President Erdogan’s top diplomat planning to visit the holy land of Israel and appoint new ambassadors. 

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Florid Passed the Anti-Grooming Bill, House Bill 1557, and signed it into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis. Gov. DeSantis is a powerhouse right now. A true statesman. He asked for this new bill to be passed and boom it was done. That is how government works. Picking and choosing your battles and picking winners more importantly!

Disney executives and CEO’s are trying to make a mockery of Gov. DeSantis and it backfired. Now they are on the cusp of losing their zoning privileges. Disney is essentially backed in a corner. They went all out banging the wall trying to get their way and they have been shut down. I expect a lot of this to end up in the courts and that will be an even tougher and more expensive hurdle for Disney. Good for the State of Florida to have a true leader.

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The French Presidential Election Hits the Climax in the upcoming finale to Sunday’s election. In a way, this has Justin Trudeau Canada’s special election written all over it. I don’t know if Macron has lost all his luster just yet. I like Le Pen but do the French voters like Le Pen? That is the real meaningful question.

Le Pen is a real underdog in this race. I like her candor. She is poised and is at least challenging the establishment. We should all give her credit for that.

Now we have a moment to stop and thank God my savior in Christ Jesus who was resurrected just this past weekend. Everybody I want you all to know and I really appreciate you all that this Super Show is about to grow bigger and stronger than ever this year! With your support, we will hit milestones on all my platforms and all your platforms as well. Let us give thanks to each other and support each other. You have nothing better to do than be kind.

Israel and Turkey have made a great choice today and I believe they delayed the prophecies in Revelations in the Bible. That is my opinion on the matter. On a previous podcast, I told you I believe in the sentiment that peace in the middle east has to come through Turkey. This is the fruit of that peace I spoke about prior on the channel.

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