S.2992 American Innovation and Choice Online Act – Timeline of Passage

Thank you for tuning in to the best show, Preston’s Super Show! Today I am breaking down Senate Bill S.2992 American Innovation and Choice Online Act. Sponsored by (D) Senator of Minnesota, Amy Klobuchar and a bi-partisan coalition of U.S. Senators. Join me for a well-rounded experience as I get to the heart of S.2992 and hit each of the flash points that matter to us all. My exclusive final thoughts you don’t want to miss!  


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S. 2992 American Innovation and Online Act

This bill is anti-trust as much as it is for the consumer. To really know and understand this bill you have to truly know who cooked it up. That would be Sponsor of the bill Senator of Minnesota, Amy Klobuchar, a democrat.

Midterm elections are swinging around. The democrats build back better stalled out. They hit the breaks on it since they themselves are confused about which measures to support. You have the Cannabis Bill H.R. 3617 floating around that I did a video on.

In this video I want to highlight the main points on this bill and tell you my thoughts about the timeline for passage of this S. 2992 American Innovation and Online Act.

My final thoughts and what I believe about the timeline of passage for S.2992: We used to say Amazon is getting too big. Now Amazon is too big. If you have a business in some shape you may be using Amazon. If you are an entrepreneur you can learn a lot about Amazon but you should be weary of Amazon. Amazon isn’t in business to make you bigger than them, they are in business to keep you dependent on them.

The fiscal conservative argument has long been to not allow the government to set and control prices, instead letting the free market work cost anomaly’s and deficiencies out. However, we see with soaring drug prices the government did step in under President Trump and cut the cost of insulin. The true free market economy is adaptable and that my dear listeners is proven by Covid-19. Businesses were at the forefront having testing sites and the smaller stores standing open were a beacon of hope to all of us. It’s time to shelter those negative doubts about Capitalism. Our society is built on it and runs on it. Congress and the Senate have and will be an interventionist in the rise of technology companies muscling other ones out of the way. The question we need to be asking is how far is good enough? What is fair for us the consumer and fair for them the business? Keep it simple.

It’s not attacking someone if you are telling the truth. Senator Klobuchar and Senator Grassley have good intentions here. The timeline of passage is going to be shifty. They do not want to rush it. A lot of our elected officials are out campaigning. This will be heavily examined in the early summer. Then it will pass because Biden won’t have any objections to it.

I would love to see DrafKings, Fanduel, and Barstool sportsbooks open up betting for this bill and other bills to be passed.

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Thank you for watching. God bless you! PSALM 37:4 – Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. – KJV BIBLE  

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