UFC on ESPN 34: Luque vs. Muhammad ll ‘Precise Picks + Best Bets’

What a stacked UFC card tonight! Absolutely incredible! Last week I went 11-1 on my precise picks and one of two best bets landed. Even though that is decent that is not Odd Man Out approved! Ladies and gentleman, tonight we have to land the coveted perfect and both best bets for you the most loyal followers known to mankind and kindness. Be warned this card is extremely difficult to weed through. A lot of trap fights lay ahead.

Here is a fight to keep your eye on at the lightweight division. Jordan Leavitt (9-1) vs. Trey Ogden (15-4). Something happens when the Monkey King fights and he doesn’t seem like he will strike much. Then bam he takes a guy and slams him to knock him out. You get that wow factor with Leavitt. Ogden is making is UFC debut and I think that will light a fire in Leavitt who has been around for a while to the point he finishes this fight.

Preston’s First Best Bet: Jordan Leavitt ML (+125)

I saved the best for last. A spicy pick, the most spicy of all! So hot it burns your mouth and you have to wash it down with ice cubes! Rafa Garcia (13-2) vs. Jesse Ronson (21-10). This will be a close fight. What pushes me toward Rafa is the hunger I know he has to win a fight in the octagon. When I watched Rafa fight last he won. Before that the two fights he lost could of easily gone his way. Garcia has impressed me and I expect a stellar performance from him tonight!

Preston’s Final Best Bet: Rafa Garcia ML (+100)

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