Coco’s Bakery-Undercover Boss Review

Reviewing Coco’s Bakery in Season 11 Episode 9 of Undercover Boss. Listen as I describe why this is a five star episode. A lot of relatable people and a lot more to discuss all here on Prestons Super Show!


Coco’s Bakery – Undercover Boss Review

We are with Warren Boone, Chief People’s Officer for Coco’s Bakery. He’s going undercover to find out how to improve the restaurant and make the employee and customer experience better. Like most business during Covid-19 they were hit pretty hard. Laying off nearly half there work force. That will put a bad taste in people’s mouths. Think of all the friends and family of that person who was fired and that person. How likely are they to come back and dine there? Not likely.

The way I like to break down Undercover boss is going through each experience. We have four quick ones today. First starting with Amanda. Amanda is a server and she is training the undercover boss. He really messes it all up. He drops a palette of drinks. He forgets people’s orders. It’s all bad. Amanda is on top of everything and keeps the ball rolling. Resilient in the face of chaos. She has a background that is relatable to me. Her mom is going through cancer and has a life threatening diagnosis. She gets to work without a car. So they end up giving her the money for the car among other things. The show should of been about her.

Then there is Ramone and he is a baker for 35 years. This one blew up the minimum wage argument. This guy has been doing the job for 35 years and getting paid the same wage. Wow! How does a company let that happen. Absolutely horrendous. They raise his wage and give him 15,000 for a retirement account to start. So they attempt to make good the way he made good to them.

Then we get to Tom and he is a flamboyant character. I feel bad for his loss. He is a shift manager and literally runs a great shift from what we can see. They end up hooking him up with enough money for a new place and a fresh start after his loss. He has a great idea for social media to help them out. He puts them on blast for having like 148 followers like shameful. I went and checked and they are up to something because I couldn’t even find there twitter handle after I checked it last.

Last we get Art. Art is a funny fella from Bangladesh. Really wants to go see his family. He is a General Manager of a Coco’s Bakery. He has done a great job and not expected a reward. He has one of the best running stores. They do grant his wish and get him a trip and its a feel good episode all around.

My final thoughts on this episode is if you are ever in management you can relate to this episode. Heck, if you ever worked in a kitchen you can understand the frustrations shared by these employees. Hopefully this inspires the next generation of management in restaurants. Reward employees and do not overlook them.

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