Toonami Recap 4-9-22 – France’s Presidential Election Gets Spicy [PSALM SUNDAY EDITION]

Full recap of Toonami from last night. Starting with a new episode of Shenmue: The Animation ‘Comeback’! Finishing with a nostalgic Cowboy Bebop that really solidified a great night for Toonami. Sharing an important headline with you and my thoughts about France’s Presidential Election.


Toonami Recap 4/9/22 – France’s Presidential Election Gets Spicy

They dress Marcon up like a centrist when I can assure you he’s a far-left politician. Like Bernie Sanders and the lot of those on the far-left. Now his opponent Marine Le Pen is supposedly his nemesis and they try to link her to Trump. They label her as far-right and say all these nasty things about her. This is a distraction away from Macron’s failures. What does he have to hide? When you are attacking with your words you are afraid.

The one quote nailed it. The sting of inflation. It does sting when it hits home. Right in your pocketbook when you’re trying to hold on to your last buck. I feel for the French people. They are closer to the Russia-Ukraine War than we are. It is affecting them more. I’m a fair man. I can look at the other quote and see this person says Macron gave her money for her business because she was going to lose it all. That sounds like the government did its job.

Now that will lead me to my next point. All the stimulus and all the aid given will be paid back one way or another. We can argue one way or another who will be paying more but the fact remains that money will be repaid through the likes of higher living costs and that combined with inflation is making it harder and harder for Macron to remain, President of France.That is the true story of why Marine Le Pen is surging in the polls heading into the Election.

Former President Trump of my country America is in his personal life. Yet the media still attacks him as we know they would and try to link him to this or that but Marine Le Pen is still vying for a Presidential bid. She is still standing up for people in France and the common man and woman with a plan for more affordable living. That is an issue I take personally and I think she is on the right track whether she wins or loses.

France isn’t as politically vocal and active as America right now and they can send a message in this election. Le Pen can become the first woman President of France. A major feat that shouldn’t be so easily dismissed. Judging her on her merits she stands for patriotism and they try to say nationalism is bad or having pride in your country is bad. If you don’t have pride in the soil you eat from, drink from, work on, shop on, and live on then don’t you dare say you for equality and all this junk. Respect your home and respect the town you are from. If they want to call you a name that’s fine. God is going to fight our battles. Let us make it plain to Him.

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CREDIT SOURCE: Photo by Luis Felipe Alburquerque Briganti:

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