Halo ‘Emergence’ & Picard ‘Two of One’ Reviews

Reviewing Halo Ep. 3 Emergence! Then Star Trek Picard S2 Ep. 6 Two of One is out today! Giving you my favorite moments and ratings for each episode!


Halo Ep. 3 Emergence Review

A strong opening to the show. Cools off a little bit. Then it picks up when Dr. Halsey is trying to find what the artifact does to Master Chief. Cortana is the nagging girlfriend better known as the AI controlling Master Chief. Kwan Ha wants to return to Madrigal to fight with the resistance. She convinces the man watching her to bring her there in exchange for money. Then the evil chick who is working with the covenant has her back story laid out. We understand why she hates humans and how the Covenant found her in the first place. Really strong show.

She fools a UNSC ship into letting her come aboard thinking she is helpless on a covenant ship floating in space. She then brings these snake/work things in that kill all of them off. Master Chief cuts the part for his memory/emotional blocker out of his back with Cortana’s help and Dr. Halsey’s permission. He then gets on the train and goes to experience life. Then when he sees a dog it jolts his memories and he rushes back to the artifact and sees his homeworld. He has Cortana scan for his planet with the rings around it and they narrow it down to three planets. He then believes he knows which one it is and we are on our way. Dr. Halsey will tag along.

Overall Four Star episode. Fantastic dialogue all around for each of the major players. Master Chief was my favorite character.

Picard S2 Ep. 6 Two of One
A strong opening to the show. Everybody is together at the event. Dressed to the teeth. Picard is getting the help he needs to get back to the original timeline. Agnes is battling the Borg Queen until she finally gives in and by the end of this episode, the Borg Queen has fully assimilated her. She gives a big song and dance to distract everyone so Picard and the crew can escape. Picard is talking to Renee his daughter and trying to remove doubt from her mind so she will continue with her mission in space. Only so Picard can be rundown by the evil scientist mad man but Picard pushes Renee out of the way. We find out the mad scientist has been running experiments on his own daughter but made a deal with Q and Q wants Renee Picard dead.

They bring Picard to the doctor and she is able to stabilize him. I am glad the doctor was able to have a real part and they tied the loose ends up on her role in the show. Three Star episode. Show needs an overhaul but we will see how the next episode goes. Agnes is my favorite character in this one.

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