WrestleMania 38 Recap, Reactions, Match Ratings and Results

each match from both nights of WrestleMania 38! Rating each match and giving you my take on each result. The sources cited below helped inspire the making of this podcast!


WrestleMania 38 Recap

Part One: Saturday Night

Kick off Saturday with a SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match between The Usos vs. Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs
The entrance is so great from Rick Boogs rocking out on the guitar. Great match up until Rick Boogs blows out his knee holding up the Usos. Love the move selection by Shinsuke and the Usos. Out of five stars I would give that match three stars. I would like to see them run that back at WWE Backlash on May 8th. I will also be doing a review of each WWE PPV this upcoming year. Big win for The Usos. They have dominated for years in the WWE now. I was inspired by this WrestleMania. I will do my best to do AEW’s future PPV’s as well. You don’t need each RAW, Smackdown and all the weekly episodes. Plenty of people doing those. I do my best to bring you AEW results and I may even start up doing some WWE NXT recaps as well. For me I go where the fun is. Stay tuned!

Most underrated match on Saturday’s card is Drew Mcintyre vs. Happy Corbin
The storyline for Happy Corbin is so funny. I was dying laughing the entire time. He comes in undefeated with a lacky by his side in MadCap Moss. Absolute great match. Corbin is a great wrestler and Drew Mcintyre is an incredible athlete. Drew Mcintyre winning was good for the WWE and him. Mcintyre does a solid spinebuster and Corbins move end of days is hilarious. These two really brought it in there match. Four star match and both of these guys have a lot of time to make a run for the belt. When Mcintyre slashes through the ropes at the end I was laughing at how his sword bent.

Most shocking match on Saturday;s card was The Mysterios vs. The Miz & Logan Paul
Best part was when Rey Mysterio and Dominik hit Logan Paul with the 619. Logan Paul is incredibly gifted and athletic and he even hit Rey Mysterio with the 3 amigos! I could not believe my eyes. The Miz & Logan Paul winning was shocking but that set the tone for the celebrity appearances resulting in wins at this WrestleMania. Respect to the Miz and Logan Paul for defeating The Mysterios. Then The Miz going solo and hitting Logan Paul with his finisher! A three star match that kept WrestleMania rolling. Dominik and Logan Paul have bright futures in the business.

Best Women’s match of Saturday night was for Raw Women’s Championship between Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair
This match really had it’s moments that showed the best of the woman’s division. Both woman had there best moves land flush. Belair with the back flips and splashing on The Man. Beck Lynch hitting all of those slams. Both women nearly lose and nearly win. The drama thickens so deep that by the time Bianca hits her final move and wins by pin fall the crowd pop is ecstatic and you really were overwhelmed with emotion and happy for her. Five star match. No question this was one of those matches that make you buy the dvd and re watch it and pass it on.

Most satisfying match on Saturday’s card was Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes
Seth Rollins is a bit of an oddity. Cody Rhodes is a bit of a mystery. Cody Rhodes the American Nightmare does all the right moves. Is good off the top rope, knows all the fundamentals, and makes it look easy off the top turnbuckle. Seth Rollins is a damn good wrestler. He can go toe to toe with the greats in the business. They really have a match. I mean they both are firing on all cylinders. You did not look away while these two wrestled. A few moves they tried to sell to hard and they didn’t land flush on two of Cody Rhodes crossroads when he was going all out. Other than that it looked like good business in the ring. Good stare down and good trash talk as well. Four star match here. Interesting to see Cody Rhodes win. Does Seth Rollins get a little Backlash perhaps. Longest match on Saturday’s card going a whopping 21 minutes and 33 seconds.

Funnest match on Saturday’s card was for SmackDown Women’s Championship Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair
Say what you will, Ronda Rousey may not land all our moves but Charlotte Flair is talented. The way she works on and off the ropes gives her the ability to flourish. Doing her flips into kicks really get you pumped up. One thing about Ronda is she really knows MMA so its neat to see her compete. She gave Charlotte a good match. Charlotte wins by pinfall and I like that decision by the WWE. I am willing to go as high as Four Stars in this match.

Best match from Saturday night was the no holds bars match between Stone Cold vs. Kevin Owens. Last match. Seeing them go back and forth was insane! It’s hard to watch Stone Cold or Undertaker without being emotional. I mean literally this was the match that showed Stone Cold still has it 19 years since walking away from the sport. Everything Stone Cold and Undertaker gave to the sport paved the way for guys like Kevin Owens to have stardom. Stone Cold and Undertaker in a way built that passionate following so when John Cena, Lesnar, Bautista era guys joined they would personify the brand. Stone Cold, Undertaker, and Triple H kept you hanging around each week just to see if they would make an appearance. That was what made wrestling different. WWE has a lot of talent on their roster and I think the future is bright. There’s an attitude era in those new wrestlers that want to experience it and not just glorify it like we fans do. I do believe WWE will be better than when I was a kid but it’s not there yet. WrestleMania taught us a lot but frankly the most important was the attitude era has not been topped. Five Star match and my favorite of the night.

Part Two: Sunday Night
Great way to kick off Night 2 with the huge tag team match between RK-Bro vs. Street Prophets vs. Alpha Academy
Everybody gets a chance to shine in this match. Randy Orton really isn’t a participant for the first half of the match. You get to see the Street Profits hitting some big moves. Angelo Dawkins of the Street Prophets is a legit beast. He is good with the suplexe’s and the slams. Other half of the Street Prophets Montez Ford is great off the top ropes landing his moves. Alpha Academy surprisingly was good and I give them credit. Otis was steam rolling everyone out of the ring. Chad Gable is great and he likes to compete. You can tell he is comfortable in there. Riddle of RK-Bro is also a great competitor. Hilarious to see him in there barefoot throwing kicks and knees. Randy Orton is the best out of that group and there was no doubt he would win in my mind. Once he got rolling in the second half of the match. It was all but over. RK-Bro wins by pin fall in the triple threat WWE RAW tag team Championship match. Four Star match. I love how at the end the Street Profit are pouring up a double cup with RK-Bro. Then they invite the latest athlete to sign with the WWE roster Gable Stevenson, who is an absolute beast. Chad Gable runs in there and slaps the cup out of his hands. Gable Stevenson gives him a belly to belly suplex. Flinging him across the ring. Everybody was like hell yeah! This guy is going to be good.

Most ironic match was between Bobby Lashley vs. Omos
Bobbay Lashely fighting someone bigger than him is a joke in itself. Bobby Lashley is a superhuman. Omos has some good moves. Reminds me of Abyss from TNA days. Bobby Lashley is just too much for him. After taking a beat down Bobby Lashley wrestles inspired and defeats Omos via pinfall. 3 Star match.

Most insane match was the anything goes match between Johnny Knoxville vs. Sami Zayne
We all know Jackass and there new movie out so Johnny Knoxville has to get out there and sell it. Thank you WWE and whoever is in charge for letting this match happen. Sami Zayne is a great wrestler and his story line is so funny. They have him out there like a conspiracy theorist and it made for great commentary. The Jackass crew pulls out all the stunts. I mean literally they drag the big bionic boot in the ring and kick Sami Zayne in the nuts. Wee man gets a slam on Zayne before catching a boot to the head sending him spilling out of the ring. Hand it to Knoxville he takes a beating and then traps Sami Zayne in the gigantic mouse trap and pins him for the win. 3 Star match.

Most inspiring match was the WWE Women’s Tag Team match between Sasha Banks & Naomi vs. Queen Zelina & Carmella (c) vs. Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan vs. Natalya & Shayna
The best part of this match was seeing how nobody was in the ring at one point, all fighting outside. To everyone being in the ring fighting inside. Give each of these ladies credit. Rhea Ripley is a beast and Liv Morgan is crafty swinging off the ropes. Natalya & Shayna Baszler are great but to me they are better as single competitors. Sasha Banks & Naomi now that is a good tag team. Two strong woman and the first black women to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team championship. Amazing match. High flying and tons of activity. It’s hard not to get sloppy with 8 people in the ring. However, they did a fantastic job. Four star match.

My favorite match from Sunday WrestleMania 38 was Edge vs. AJ Styles
Two things were different Edges entrance and AJ Styles was like cut on his face on the side before he entered the ring. Did anybody else notice that? Big bright patch of blood like an open wound above his right face cheek. Well they had the longest match of the whole damn WrestleMania 38 out of both days. The match went 24 minutes and 27 seconds. Edge is great at selling his moves and AJ Styles has always been one of my favorites going back to beginning of TNA days. There match was iconic it was that one that gave you AJ Styles hitting his best moves and Edge playing his vintage role of waiting for a much needed distraction to nail a finishing spear and pin for the win. Edge is one of my all time favorite wrestlers and I think guys like Edge and Chris Jericho learned a lot from Stone Cold and Undertaker that its good to get those matches in and not take too long away from the game. I picked Edge to win and that’s because it was hard to see him lose knowing that he has a good record at WrestleMania and AJ Styles has no problem taking a loss like he did with Undertaker at WrestleMania 36 before. The match itself is worth buying the dvd. Buying it digital and I am sure you can find it on sale pretty soon. Five Star match.

The next match we really missed Big E when the New Day went up against Sheamus and Ridge Holland w/ Butch
First let’s pray Big E has a speedy recovery. I like Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. They did well in there match. However, there up against like the Irish Dudley boys in Sheamus who I am a major fan of. Ridge Holland and butch gimmicks are whatever but they are good wrestlers. They know there roles well. I think it’s hilarious how Sheamus has to hold them back. I was surprised a bit that Sheamus and his crew won. Then it made sense that there will be a bigger story unfolding for the New Day with redemption in sight.

The Co-Main Event with Pat McAfee vs. Austin Theory was incredible!
Can’t no one say Pat McAfee ain’t got some skills now. He literally leaped up to the top turnbuckle and hit Austin Theory with a suplex. I like Austin Theory’s style and that he isn’t scared to put a guy over. Pat McAfee got to live out his dream and I am happy for him. I was dying laughing at Vince sitting in the chair like Mr. Burns watching Theory wrestle McAfee. That was good. Pat McAfee defeats Austin Theory by pinfall. Then Vince goes in and beats down Pat McAfee because he’s drained. Then Stone Cold shows up one last time to drink some beer and give everybody in the house a stunner. Five Star match and stone cold’s beer, Broken Skull IPA looks damn good and I love an IPA. IPA’s are the only beer I will really drink. Hell Yeah one of the best WrestleMania’s ever.

Main Event came around this was the greatest way to finish off a one of a kind WrestleMania 38. Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar in really a match of a lifetime.
A WWE Title Unification match for the WWE Champion & Universal Champion belts. Roman Reigns has the nicer belt the blue really makes it pop. I felt Roman would win because Brock is a part-time champion. As great as he is. He isn’t a night in night out guy. He used to be but he’s on a different level. One thing can be learned from this is Roman is the face of WWE now. That is the message they were sending. I love watching Brock Lesnar wrestle and his move set is one of the best. A bully in that ring and he does a number on Roman Reigns even hits the F5. Roman is too sneaky tho and honestly he’s a guy that grew on me and really still is. Paul Heyman switching sides is a nicely added spicy touch the WWE has going right now with Romans character. In this match these two lay it on the line. Roman looks as if he popped his shoulder out after Brock does the Kimura to him. Paul Heyman is yelling get up my tribal chief. I was dying laughing. Roman is laying there like it’s out it’s out talking about his shoulder. The match ends pretty quickly after that with Roman pinning Brock. Four Star match and felt like it was cut short.

In closing I give this WrestleMania 38 a Five Star rating overall. Going to be hard to top it but if anybody can it’s the WWE. Looking forward to talking about WWE Backlash PPV with you and stay tuned for my next video! Just like the hands of time I’m turning it over to you. Good night and God bless. PSALMS 37:4

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