Mayor of Fontana-Undercover Boss Review

Reviewing Season 11 Ep. 8 of Undercover Boss! Discussing my favorite moments and what I learned from the Mayor of Fontana, Acquanetta Warren.


Mayor of Fontana – Undercover Boss Review

If I told you there was a black mayor of a city in California who is about to run for her fourth-term you would say I am crazy. In fact I am exactly right. Introducing Mayor of Fontana, California, Acuanetta Warren has been Mayor since 2010. She is on her third-term and looking to run for a fourth-term. Friend of the Republican Party we see a picture of her with former President Bush Jr. and President Trump. Mayor Warren is looking to allocate the Covid-19 relief funds from the federal government. The best way to do that is roll up your sleeves and get out there and see who needs it. That is what she does in this episode. Working with three people who really are community leaders without saying. She is in charge of handling the affairs of the fastest growing city in Southern California.

Chris from Sewer Treatment is a funny guy. I don’t think he knew that was the Mayor. She had a good get up on. He says at the end he worked her too hard and I was laughing about that. She gives him the sewer system he is wanting to make the job more efficient. He gets more than he even imagined as his wife will get money for her rare medical condition to help find a treatment.

Ben the Firefighter really left a big impression on the Mayor. He was patient with her and she was doing a tough assignment with the jaws of life opening up a car door. I love that this Mayor gets out there and rolls her sleeves up. He got exactly what he was looking for in the hiring of new recruits but even more. With the building of two new fire stations and a 10,000 grant for his wife’s education. I mean that is blessed.

Candace from Community Park/Center: Candace’s story is really relatable. She lost her brother to Cancer. She’s working this job but wants to be a nurse. However, she can’t afford it. She works at the community park center and teaches the kids about nature and activities. Those people are hard to find. She was a genuinely nice person and her and the Mayor hit it off. They saved the best for last for us. I thought it was funny that Candace didn’t show up to the final meeting because she probably couldn’t get out of work. So the Mayor goes to her! Candace gets the money for school and a bench dedicated to her brother by where the butterflies are that remind her of him. I was in tears. I mean I can tell you one thing having something dedicated to a family member is so special.

Final thoughts on this episode was I’m glad I watched. Learned a lot about Fontana, California, Mayor Warren, and the great community they have. I hope Mayor Warren wins her fourth-term this year! Best of luck to you and God bless the good work you do!

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