President Biden Unleashing Defense Production Act Over Battery Metals-Health Fact-Economic Update

President Biden is unleashing the Defense Production Act. However, this isn’t the first time he’s used the (DPA). Find out who this affects, more historical facts, and watch as I uncover a particular company who benefited on the stock market immediately following Biden’s announcement. Check out this weeks Health Fact! Something we throw away can be used to make our guts stronger. Finishing Prestons Super Show with an Economic Update discussing silver, gold, and platinum.

Biden invoking Defense Production Act over battery metals
The chip shortage has rocked the vehicle world but now its widespread and this has forced President Biden to Invoke the Defense Production Act over battery metals to speed up the production of chip manufacturing. President Trump and President Truman both used this same act.

However, look at the parallels I will draw for you here. In the 1920’s a civil war was going on in China. Then Japan seen their opportunity to takeover but were eventually thwarted. The civil war in China resumed immediately after the Japanese incursion. By 1950 when Truman was in power and enacting the defense production act the Communists had won and were implementing their regime. They signed a treaty with the Soviet Union at the time. China began to be built on becoming a global world power. This led up to the use of the defense production act. Don’t be fooled! Know your history as I know mine and have taken classes and lessons and got a certificate in American History. I will continue to spread the good word of truth and prosperity.

Two things can be true at once. Electrical vehicles are sleek and who wouldn’t want one? However, they are way overvalued and overpriced and these facts are all well documented. Biden needs something for the mid-term elections or the republicans are coming to impeach him if they take back control of the house. I will predict that right now. The EV movement is going to be an expensive one as much as it is an expansive one.

The other side to this is its a reactionary measure. At the height of the problem Biden could of enacted this but instead he waited for the crisis to deepen. I want to know what you believe. Do you think this is necessary? Think on these things that I have told you. Drop your comments below. Keep it civil and I love to see the free flowing exchange of ideas. In closing this segment, I am personally glad Biden has stepped up but it’s a little too late to have an immediate impact. As China aligned with the Soviet Union of past giving President Truman more reason to enact the Defense Production Act. Look how not long after China and modern day Russia have strategically aligned how President Biden has enacted the Defense Production Act. Using every measure to combat their aggression. Biden wanted the job now he has to do the job.

Looking for new info about the American alliance football league that is supposed to be kicking off soon. Real underground right now.
Demar Derozan 50 point game against the LA Clippers.

Health Fact: All that goodness from a potato skin. Well that’s hard for me because I eat the potato skin. That is where all the nutrients are. My great grandpa would tell you that. I love this article and how it spotlights Prebiotics. I myself take a Probiotic nearly everyday. I understand the significance of this change for your gut and believe me she is right on the money.

Economic Update: Gold and silver price. April 1st 2022.
We can focus on the bad or we can look at those bright spots that make this all worthwhile.

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