Favorite Moments From Moon Knight, Halo, and Picard’s New Episodes

Bringing forth my favorite moments from three brand new episodes and one entirely new show! Hear what I have to say about Moon Knight Ep. 1 ‘The Goldfish Problem.’ Halo releases Ep. 2 ‘Unbound’ where the plot thickens. Finishing out Prestons Super Show with a hilarious review of Picard S2 Ep. 5 ‘Fly Me To The Moon.’


Favorite Moments From Moon Knight, Halo, and Picard’s New Episodes

Moon Knight Ep. 1 The Goldfish Problem Review – Brand new show on Disney+. This is the year of the plus! Our main character Steven Grant traveling to his destination. Walking then riding a bus. How many shows have don that? Writers can learn a lot from the beginning conversations of this episode. Steven isn’t stuck in one place for too long and constantly getting perpetual rocks thrown at him. He finally lays down for a nap and then crap hits the fan. Sheer insanity ensues. When he awakes he believes the goldfish is the problem, the cause of his nightmares and misfortune. Tries to return it and walks into a boat load of new problems.

This episode was for thrill seekers. I loved it. The part where the monster was charging him down the hall and then turned into an old lady entering the elevator gave you those black mirror chills. Then he sees the same monster while he’s back on the bus almost in a grudge like way. Trippy episode and I give it 5 stars for a great debut to a very promising show. Favorite character was the star of course Steven Grant.

Halo Review Ep. 2 Unbound – Would have been better if it was named Snowbound like the Halo 3 map. This episode wasn’t all that. It was a solid three stars. Not as good as the first episode. A few chases, changing places, and a lot of new faces. The Covenant is aligning against the UNSC. The episode really had three important conversations maybe four. Two happen at the table where Dr. Halsey gets her way over the Admiral. They will return Master Chief home and put this mess behind them. The second is the dark side conversation towards the end where they are speaking in an alien language. Then finally the end of the episode where Master Chief is leaving Kwan Ha with someone and wants to make sure she will be safe so he can return to the UNSC.

This is what I like to call a background information episode. You get the character story lines built up. A lot of questions from episode one Contact are answered here. Not only are the Spartans feared but there are many in the UNSC who do not like the Spartans either. Master Chief will certainly be reunited with his crew and the best part of the episode was seeing the plan Dr. Halsey has for John-117. Cortana is coming alive at the very end. Three star episode and Master Chief was my favorite character.

Picard S2 Ep. 5 Fly Me To The Moon Review – This episode was hard to figure. Let’s bring it all in focus here on the Super Show. Let me start with my main problem with this episode. So Agnes is just having a cat nap while the cop comes in yelling and gets assimilated by the unattended Borg Queen. Alright, great work. Wrap up the set and see you next week! She does shotgun her but that doesn’t kill her no no. She has to walk up to the Borg Queen and this time the Borg Queen has the last laugh. She has assimilated Agnes. Such a whacked out episode. Raffii and Seven free Rio so there’s that. Q has his own story going on in this show and I can tell that it’s carefully crafted. Picard is in the background trying to fix the timeline. Three star episode and my favorite character was Agnes.

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