Federal Cannabis Legalization Bill H.R.3617-Top 3 Stocks That Will Benefit From The (MORE ACT)

Breaking down the Federal Marijuana Legalization Bill H.R.3617. I tell you the Top 3 Stocks that will benefit if the (MORE ACT) passes! The man is speaking! Educating you on the items in Bill H.R.3617, who is sponsoring the bill, and bringing today’s lessons all full circle. Hitting on the civil liberty matter, and social injustices of the past. Brightening the picture with a refreshing creative outlook on Legal Cannabis. Tying today’s podcast into the present economy and empowering a growth mindset. The sources cited below helped inspire the making of this podcast!


Federal Marijuana Legalization Bill H.R.3617

We are going to look at two articles and the bill itself to breakdown exactly what is happening with Marijuana Legalization on a federal level.

I have done a few videos on Marijuana Legalization in Illinois prior to it’s passage and we all know the law eventually passed. I have talked about federal legalization of marijuana and dropping it from a schedule-2 controlled substance as well.

In the first article we see the major players behind marijuana legislation are a lot of groups that supported hemp legalization federally under Former President Donald Trump. Also Freedom works which is a heavy conservative group is on board with this movement.

There’s no denying harmful effects of any controlled substance look at alcohol as a prime example. We have seat belt laws and all these different expenditures to keep people safe why you may ask? Well not because everybody is being good all the time. Because of drunk diving and people dying from it.

We know marijuana is treated the same way under the law in the states. Testing and other measures will be worked out with technology which can be paid for with the proceeds from marijuana sales. Would you look at that?

There’s no denying the tax benefits from Marijuana sales. If you want lower taxes you should be for full legalization and decriminalization of marijuana. The argument has long been before my time that its too harmful but now with legalization in some of America’s largest states and a congress made up of progressives and many moderate centrists the call is increasing to legalize marijuana. We need to get on board with that.

If we want our taxes to go down how do you expect that to come about with the economy on the brink of a full blown recession? There’s an old saying. You gotta take what you can get. This is the time for exactly that.

We need to shape the conversation as a tax issue and not a drug issue. The parallels to the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920’s were very real up until Colorado and Washington State legalized marijuana. The incarceration rates went down in those states and not only saved taxpayers money that way. The burden of paying for social services was lifted off proceeds of marijuana. Some people say all the money doesn’t go where it should and that’s another debate for another time. My point is the intentions of legalizing Marijuana are pure and rooted in civil liberty.

There is a big debate brewing and a big wing of people who don’t think former crimes should be appealed. However, this bill specifically does just that. I personally believe in a second chance for people and it’s good to expunge their records.

If you had a small bag of marijuana in your car and crossed into a neighboring state that didn’t have legal marijuana and were pulled over by a federal officer of the law you could become a class x felon. The worst felon of all. You could be the victim of trumped up charges against you for conspiracy to sell, among other things. That is why removing marijuana form it’s schedule-2 controlled substance federal status is necessary for individual liberty to continue in this country.

You don’t have to smoke weed to like H.R.3617 known as the MORE Act. However, I don’t see how you could not see this opportunity as a way to lessen the tax burden and reconcile with a stigma that has clouded marijuana legislation in this nation and ruined a lot of households.

Top 3 Stocks

Stock number 2 ticker symbol Aurora Cannabis NYSE: ACB. This one is a great price lucky number 4. I don’t have the chart filled so you can’t understand it. You can see the chart and that ACB is prime for a run. I have been following them for the last four years. And they have been at the forefront of a lot of controversy. However, times are changing and problems get left in the seasons past. Aurora Cannabis is not a SPAC or some over-hyped merger it is a real pot stock that is ready to blaze if marijuana is federally legalized! They are heavily involved in production of cannabis and medical cannabis the most important of all. Did you know a lot of states marijuana legalization hinges on what the federal government does? Well now you know. Thank you for allowing me to educate you on that subject and on ACB.

Stock number 3 and today’s final stock. The Scott’s Miracle Grow Company NYSE: SMG. This isn’t for the faint of heart. I have known this one since I was a kid and many of you have too. A lot of people think this is a big boy play. However, you play these like cryptocurrency. Invest in fractional shares here if Marijuana legalization heats up. Let the politicians and media worry about what they will say about Supreme court justice nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson about. Let us keep focusing on chasing that almighty dollar and giving glory to the one and only creator our lord and savior the god head Jesus Christ. Has Scott’s miracle grow ever failed your plants? Probably not. I really doubt it. This is a winner all around. The planting season is under way folks let’s go green and make green! In God’s name amen. That’s right amen!

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Let’s ask God to bless us today and bless this podcast. Allow us to not be greedy but to fill our commitment to better our understanding and our live through Him. Lord I am a sinner you know me better than anyone father please search me and remove all doubt from me and if you believe you are a sinner then you can be saved today too. In Jesus name Amen! PSALMS 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of thine heart. Ladies and gentleman just like the hands of time I’m turning it over to you.

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PSALM 37:4 – Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. – KJV BIBLE

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