Toonami Recap 3-26-22

Full recap of Toonami starting with Shenmue: The Animation Ep. 8 – Aspiration. Ending with Cowboy Bebop Ep. 20 – Pierrot Le Fou. Giving my thoughts on all 8 shows from Toonami on Saturday Night. Tossing out awards like the Oscars. Laying out what’s in store this week for Prestons Super Show!

Toonami Recap Transcription

Shenmue – Ep. 8 Aspiration
Ryo was too good for himself. The episode had a lot of walking and a lot of talking. For a minute, I wondered whether he would get the training or not. I did enjoy the episode but I will only give it three stars. Joy really likes Ryo and I picked up on that. The one kid is trying to perfect his scam and there aren’t any real fights that are eye popping. Three star episode and Ryo was my favorite character. Looking forward to the next episode on Saturday night.

Attack On Titan – S4 Ep. 23 (82) Sunset
Could of stole Toonami with this one. Exciting episode. Focuses on Annie and Armin. Story really heats up towards the end. Worth a watch. Four star episode and Annie was my favorite character. Levi had a lot of good parts as well.

Assassination Classroom – S2 Ep. 14 (36) Secret Identity Time
This was the tone setter for Toonami really. That most of these episodes where more for the general audience then a specific niche group. For me this episode was a slow burn. With all the surprises it worked its way into a three star episode. Kaede became my favorite character in this episode. There are a lot secrets revealed in this episode but very dragged down with empty conversations.

Made In Abyss – Ep. 11 Nanachi
Some secrets are revealed in this episode as well. Nanachi is patching Riko up in a no country for old men movie style. Sending Reg out to fetch a bunch of items. Another slow burn and kind of a friendly kindred spirit type of episode. Got you feeling good and then at the end its a wham bam of a shocker! Three stars and I understood fully what was going on. Nanachi is my favorite character in this one.

One Piece – Hordy’s Invasion! The Beginning of the Plan for Revenge!
S15 Ep. 19 (535)
One of these episodes is usually good and one is bad. This time they were both okay. Would you look at that? This one is a three star episode. I was amused and Luffy was my favorite character. A great villain in this episode. That is a staple of the back half of Toonami I picked up on.

One Piece – The Ryugu Palace Fight! Zoro vs. Hody!
S15 Ep. 20 (536)
Zoro was my favorite in this episode! He easily takes the cake. Three star episode from the jump it was destined.

Naruto Shippuden – A Shinobi’s Dream S17 Ep. 21 (382)
Fun episode and took a good turn for Toonami. Four star episode. Naruto my favorite character. Honestly I enjoyed this one. It was the ten tails hitting that final from. Straight beast mode. Definitely worth another watch.

Cowboy Bebop – Ep. 20 – Pierrot Le Fou
The only five star of the night. Thrilling episode. Some real nasty players in this episode. One of the best endings to an anime episode in history. Maybe the best. Wow I was loving this episode. Full of suspense and randomness. Spike best character. Remember five star episode.

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