Star Trek Discovery S4 Finale – Picard “Assimilation” Reviews – Zelenskyy Legalizes Crypto – New Hampshire Ivermectin Bill

Reviewing Star Trek Discovery’s Season Four Finale Ep. 13 “Coming Home.” Diving into Picard Season Two Ep. 3 “Assimilation.” Giving you the bitter tea and big facts they don’t play on air. Nobody covers hard hitting news like Prestons Super Show! Discussing the top three headlines of the week!: Black Lives Matter Leader in Boston indicted on charges. Over the Counter Ivermectin in New Hampshire? President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy legalizes cryptocurrency. Bold takes, refreshing ideas and a voice of reason on issues that face us. You were looking for an alternative source of news and you found one. The sources cited below helped inspire the making of this podcast!

Star Trek Discovery Season Finale Ep. 13 “Coming Home” – Star Trek Picard Ep. 3 “Assimilation” Reviews

Star Trek Discovery and Picard drop there new episodes on the same day again. Discovery’s fourth season is coming to a close. Picard is just getting started! Great time to be alive for Star Trek fans!

Starting with Star Trek Discovery’s Season Finale Ep. 13 “Coming Home”.

This episode picks up right where we left off. Captain Burnham’s head is spinning at what to do. Species 10-c is rightfully ticked off after Dr. Tarka continues his plan to destroy the DMA uncloaking and revealing his ship.

General N’Doye is caught red handed helping Booker and is confined to her quarters. However, that won’t be the last time we see her. The scene is a little bizarre as she gives herself up so easily after fighting so hard to help Book and Tarka. Books change of heart seems to breathe through her as well.

Time is of the essence for Discovery’s crew. This is a really emotional episode. Hits you pretty early on. By the end you are a little bit over the sappiness. I understand that there were a lot of relationships blossoming and fermenting and that the emotional structure of the episode had to be present. I didn’t think it would be so prominent throughout the episode.

Cmdr. Reno, Booker, and General N’Doye are the heroes of this episode. N’Doye offers her skills up to fly a plane and knock Tarka’s ship off track from destroying the DMA. People do die in this episode but you will have to watch to find out if they actually stay dead.

I did enjoy getting a good look at the Species-10C. One thing I have always been on the fence about was characters being killed off then resurrected. This show has actually done it a few times. Let me know your thoughts after you see this episode.

The ending was pretty neat with Stacey Abrams showing up. I’m not the biggest fan of her but Star Trek is notorious for bringing on liberals. I have no grudge against her. She is a career politician and a lot of people don’t even know that. From 2007-2017 she served in the Georgia House of Representatives. Her being the United Earth President was honestly weak but its just a cameo appearance. Is this a prelude to her 2024 Presidential Campaign? Time will tell but I believe so.

3 Star episode. My favorite character in this episode was Tilly. I can’t go without mentioning how much I missed her presence. Her drinking whiskey with Admiral Vance was very fitting. Hopefully we get a Season 5 with a new story arc. From what I read it’s scheduled for 10 episodes. We will see if that comes to fruition.

Star Trek Picard Ep. 3 “Assimilation”

A lot to unpack in this episode. First things first, Picard Ep. 3 Assimilation starts off way better and hits harder than Discovery’s season finale. That was surprising. Shows the level of where the writers and cast are ready to take this show too.

Since Q altered time Picard’s crew has to find the watcher who will help reverse the damage that has been done … hopefully.

They are in the year 2024 but should be light years in the future. This episode is handling three story lines in one episode but all three relate to the endgame. Giving credit where credit is due it is handled quite well because the pace is steady and picks up quite a bit.

There’s two real crucial situations happening in this episode, maybe three. There is a lot of suspense. One is Picard and Agnes Jurati getting into the Borg Queen’s head. Sparing you all the details I don’t like how the Borg Queen gets loose because she literally tips over. Like you all didn’t have this killer psycho maniac strapped down? Seemed amateurish. However, in defense of that scene it would be hard to give Picard and Agnes direction in this episode. I won’t spoil what else happens but let’s say it works out and it doesn’t.

The next is Elnor dying. Since this is an alternate reality I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers bring him back when the timeline is fixed. I am a little pre-exposed since lately Star Trek has been so hesitant to kill any character off. Seems like everyone who dies gets brought back. However, there was a scene where three people die in a row so the writers pushed the envelope there.

Agnes almost is my favorite character in this episode. She goes through so many emotions and really pulls off a stunning performance. Raffi is just to much of a stone cold fox and a bad ass. I have to side with her. She is determined and set on fixing the timeline. Her, Seven of Nine and Cristobal are beamed down to earth to get started.

Cristobal really does a good job with a bad script. Some how some way he falls to what looks like his death. However, he is saved by an clinic that promises not to report him with a doctor who is not very professional. Felt like we went from Sci-fi to sitcom. That is what bumped the rating down on this episode from a solid 4 starts to 3 stars.

Top three most important headlines from the week

Makes me think of the old but true adage. Crime doesn’t pay. Be careful who you give your money to. Make sure they are legit. Greed is the root of all evil. Here is a group that I don’t know if they mean well or they don’t. They don’t have a clear leader. Honestly black lives matter organization is set up like an inner city gang. Is that who you want representing you? Take a long hard look in the mirror. You represent you and that’s the bottom line. Can I get an amen? Amen. All-right. This isn’t the first individual in this group to find themselves in hot water. Keep your eyes peeled out there. Know who your associating with. I’m not saying all black lives matter group is bad. I believe a lot of them want to highlight injustice and fight for a righteous cause. Let’s not let our causes mislead us. Let’s look to God and the bible, his living and breathing word. If we want injustice to stop we have to stand on the side of justice. You can’t cherry pick good band bad. Won’t workout for you. You will have to learn the hard way. What this is I don’t know. But you will once you get away from God. Can I get an amen? Amen.

What a strange time to pass legislation like this. Key word here is strange. Makes sense in a lot of ways and I do believe it will have a positive impact. A very progressive piece of legislation and I don’t mean that in a bad way. In the way you know progressives and liberals to act here in America and Canada. We need to know what his favorite crypto is. He knows something. Let’s get to the bottom of that.

New Hampshire seems like a fun place to visit. Might be weird to live there. But I guess Illinois is weird to about everybody. Take it or leave it type of approach. This is really a jab at Dr. Fauci. It’s a good bill because when it’s signed it will have an immediate impact. A real positive impact I will add to that. Allowing people who are on the fence with vaccines to obtain a healthy alternative to boost their immune system sounds good to me.


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