Biden’s Crypto Problem-$1.5 Trillion Spending Bill-Star Trek Discovery S4 Ep. 12 “Species 10-C”-Picard “Penance” Reviews

Biden has a crypto problem and I detail exactly what that is; along with his Executive Order on Cryptocurrency. The $1.5 Trillion Spending Bill has been passed in the U.S. House and Senate chambers now headed for Biden’s signature. Discussing the items in this spending bill and my thoughts on its swift passage. Reviewing Star Trek Discovery’s latest episode “Species 10-C” and Picard “Penance’! Keeping things light giving out awards for best actor and actress, as well as my ratings. The sources cited below helped inspire this podcast!

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Star Trek Discovery-Picard Reviews-Biden’s Crypto Problem-1.5 Trillion Spending Bill

You will get the severance episode reviews from me soon. I need more time with it. Wanted to update you on that.

Star Trek Discovery: Season 4 Episode 12 “Species 10-C”

Here we are with Season Four episode 12. Great episode I felt good about it. My initial reactions were pure of heart. The 10-C are this new species to us in the show. Not new like they just popped up wow here they are! All the main figures are at the war table in the beginning. Debating how to approach the 10-C. Not knowing there customs. Cmdr. Stammets is the engineer we all love that is going to make it happen. This is where some egos play out.

We see the cameras turn to Book and Tarka making plans to destroy the DMA while keeping Reno captive in a force field. She keeps asking for black licorice. Trying to patchwork together her communication device to reach Discovery and let them know what is going on. I get my wish in a way by seeing all there personalities clash but we have a good experience for us the audience.

To talk to the 10-C they first test you. They want to see if you are worthy. Remember they destroyed Quazion they believe they are of higher moral authority. The federation needs there technology to stop the DMA. It’s a bad spot to be in for our heroes and that’s why its a fantastic episode.

10-C sends a riddle for them to solve but what’s ironic if you caught it is they say how long they have for the DMA to begin striking and it’s exactly 10 hours. The 10-C allow a few of the chosen members of Discovery in. However, they don’t trust them yet. They put them in an environment that they would feel comfortable in a replicate ship of their own. The 10-C aren’t speaking they are talking through math. So Michael and Saru figure out that math is how they have to tell the 10-C to stop the DMA.

Well there’s trouble in paradise. We know that Book and Tarka’s partnership is fractured. Reno helps push Book over the edge and notices some equations Tarka put up. She tells Book that Tarka’s plan will get a lot of people killed and he freaks out. It is a mad scientist plan. That is not what they agreed on and he goes to stop Tarka. However, if you notice Tarka has already defied his previous request to not install any modifications to his ship and easily stuns Book with his technology and locks him up. Reno and Book are able to use the communicator and alert Discovery. However, it’s to late or is it as Tarka is moving forward with his plan to destroy the DMA. Posing as Booker through text to Geneal N’Doye and attempting to destroy the DMA. Species 10-C is alerted to this and aborts Discovery back to there ship. Captain Michael Burnham is thrown into a loop she can’t believe what has transpired.

Thrilling episode and wow what an exciting show! 5 star episode! There is so much more to this show you really must watch it on Paramount+. My favorite character in this episode was Captain Michael Burnham. Burnham and Saru’s friendship really makes me happy. Not a sappy relationship, no no no just a real pure friendship. Doesn’t feel like they are acting and they share a really special moment that will hit you in the sweet spot.

Picard Season 2 Episode 2 “Penance”

Picard is on the ball right now! On the money! This episode rocked! Q is back with a vengeance. He puts Picard and his crew in an alternate reality so they think. It’s a lot more complex as Q as changed time going back to 2024 and altering the future.

When we left off things were headed in the right direction for a lot of the cast and in this episode it all gets jumbled. Big credit to the writers for spicing things up. Getting spicy up in here!

In this reality Seven of Nine is not a borg but President. Picard is a warlord general. Rios is a commander in the space force. Elnor is a prisoner of war. Agnes Jurati is a quirky scientist. Raffaella Musiker looks amazing and is a high ranking officer in this empire that has absorbed the federation which no longer exists.

They went from fighting the borg queen to working with her as she is held captive. They have to fix the time rift and to do that they have to depart. Hard because its a national holiday called eradication day where they are planning to execute the borg queen.

In the end they believe they got away but are caught red handed. Elnor who had a great fighting scene earlier is wounded and dying. We have to wait and see what happens. Will Q come to the rescue. Will the crew find a solution their penance as Q called it.

5 star episode! All the way through I was glued in and waiting for what was coming next. A fun watch all the way through. Not as dramatic as the latest Discovery episode but a bit more thrilling. Both left us with feelings of suspense and for that I am even prouder to be a Star Trek Fan. I would appreciate it even more if you watched this episode all the way through. I usually watch them 2 or 3 times before the next one comes out.

Picard is a close second but I give the best actress award to Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine. Something tells me she may not mind being human but we shall see.

Biden’s Crypto Problem

Biden has a crypto problem and you are thinking wow Preston what do you mean this sounds serious? You have to remember his problem is our problem if you like cryptocurrency. If you don’t like crypto that’s where it gets tricky for you. My advice is don’t stress over it. Biden’s crypto problem is he doesn’t understand what crypto is. He’s asking other elements of the government to figure out what best regulation would be for crypto. A lot of that is the age disconnect from the trend and having your pulse on it. Every President has seismic events that happen. Biden’s first two years in the White House are being shaped by a real lack of effort and poor timing. That’s how history will see this time period along with various other things going on.

There are the most talented and successful entrepreneurs and business minded people in this country. As well as in Canada; I see what is taking place in your country and I want to shout that out on the Super Show! I don’t want to see any of you fail under any President. I never have rooted for Biden to fail nor my enemies to fail. I want us to find a way to have success in spite of everything going on. A lot of what Prestons Super Show is about is exactly that and you should be picking that up by now. We have to promote each others well being.

I will highlight some of the important pieces of what we know about Crypto regulation so far. Bringing you both sides of the argument. The rosy picture and the realist view.

Where Brad is right is Biden being elderly and inexperienced with Cryptocurrency and ultimately will prove to be problematic for the crypto markets. That is all true. What he didn’t say was that crypto is so simple I know people beyond there youthful years who are doing crypto. Crypto is easy enough an 80 year old can figure it out I don’t think Biden can but I truly don’t think he wants to.

The USA Today really points us to who is going to be Paul bearers for crypto regulation. Federal Reserve, Treasury department, and all of the Commerce department. Now you have a three headed beast needing to tackle inflation but instead being pushed to spear crypto in the wild it lives in.

I have a theory based on a few things. Since stagflation has hit the housing market, reported by Bloomberg. Inflation has hit a 40-year high. Worst inflation in our lifetime and don’t let anybody tell you any different. Biden is scrambling for a solution to inflation. His team is looking at crypto as that possible solution.

My last point is relating to the Washington Examiner article. We can see in history regulation has hurt business every time. Sometimes only temporary but that is because the regulation is altered or removed. However, once there is regulation on crypto; that will never be removed, and will only intensify and my fear is that it will become a blunder that prevents people from joining in.

$1.5 Trillion Dollar Spending Bill

Allow me to highlight the Bill and its passage in the House and what is in the 1.5 Trillion Dollar Spending Bill.

This is what the democrats do. They loft in there agenda with something simple like aid for Ukraine. We all want aid for Ukraine, we all will vote for it. Democrats led by the progressive machine take there boldest government expansionist ideas and cram it in with aid for Ukraine. Republicans won’t go along with that. To stand against the Democrats is to stand against the Ukrainians is the message Speaker Pelosi is spending. That isn’t true but that is how the media will portray it and how the democrats will campaign on it up until the midterm elections. So to pass the bill and not have it falter Speaker Pelosi allows the Republicans to put a few pieces of there agenda in. With all of this combined we have a nightmare bill headed to the Senate chamber for passage.

What was required is aid for Ukraine not more government programs and more reckless spending. Heck I would of been happy with more aid for our American citizens but both sides didn’t want that. They would rather argue. That is where we can learn as a society and as a free people.

1.2 Trillion dollar infrastructure bill was signed by Biden on November 15th, 2021. Republicans fought there tails off to make sure all the pork was cut out. A lot remained but what democrats are saying is that bill didn’t go far enough. Now they want 1.5 Trillion dollars more in a time where we have record inflation and a stagnant economy. This will drive the bond market down, which will drive the stock market down, and put this country in a total recession.

Give Ukraine the money it needs but remember what message we are sending to Putin and our own people while the Biden administration continues it’s hands off approach. While Russia mirrors the Soviet Union, President Biden mirrors President FDR before WW2.

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