$SGB Token-Star Trek Discovery “Rosetta”-Picard “The Star Gazer”-Severance Ep. 1 Reviews-Season of Lent Message

Going in-depth about Songbird Token! Reviewing three TV shows for you! Call this the “Triple S Podcast”! Star Trek Discovery S4 Ep. 11 “Rosetta”. Following up with Picard S2 Ep.1 “The Star Gazer”. Last a compelling review from the new show on Apple TV called Severance S1 Ep. 1 “Good News About Hell”! Stay tuned for my message about Lent and what the season of Lent truly means to me.

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Star Trek Discovery Ep. 11 Rosetta Review

Picking up where we left off. The DMA has to be destroyed. Discovery sends out a crew to the surface to scan for power resources to penetrate the hyper field where these unexplained lifeforms live. Booker and Dr. Tarka have a renewed sense of urgency and are working together to stop the DMA once again.

Discovery sends a crew led by Michael Burnham and Saru to explore the 10-C who lived by this hyperfield and learn from them to construct an antidote or weapon if you will to rid the universe of the DMA once and for all!

The writers do a great job on the surface by having Saru falling ill and giving the presence they are being watched.

This is a slower episode than normal. We were about due for one. There is one skirmish where Booker surprises General N’Doye and makes an appeal to have her help him discreetly. She agrees but only because she understands his logic. There is dissension among the leading figure heads of the federation and Madame President Rilak is trying to reel that in by scolding Dr. Hirai who made some remarks early in the episode that made General N’Doye uncomfortable. Maybe fueling her to be a little softer to Booker’s request.

Dr. Tarka also sneaks on discovery and takes one of the engineers back to his ship; Commander Reno. I feel like she wanted to go. Like a discussion happened and they said enough of only these two guys being on this ship we need to throw someone in the mix. Reno is a good character and her personality will blend in well with these two.

Keyla Detmer has an increased role and I am going to give her the award for best actress in this episode. The one Borg on the ship we truly see take a bit of a lead with some quick observations and a great performance.

This episode is a solid 4 stars! Missing the spark to put it over the top. However, we get to see Keyla shine and the spotlight hit a few characters before Discovery moves to destroy the DMA.

Star Trek Picard S2 Ep 1 Star Gazer

Picard is back and I am surprised. I thought the last season—which is the first season—ended on a sour note. Not a cliff hanger, not a dazzler but truly boring. Then Season Two is set in motion. My initial reactions were not good to this news. However, I have watched a lot of shows and the first season was not that good. What was disappointing about the first season was it started with a bang and about half way through the writers perpetually through in the towel. Seinfeld had a bad first season, Andromeda, and so many more. Those turned into good shows. In Seinfeld’s case a legendary show.

In Discovery its a new crew, a fresh start, a bold take on Star Trek. Picard is also a bit of a mixed bag. You have a returning crew from the first season. Then you have Picard and Seven of Nine taking the leading roles. The pressure was on for a great episode not just good. This episode did have some humor, flash, and a real villain they have been waiting to dispose of the Borg Queen.

My one knock on this episode is if you look away you will not understand this episode. You have to see it all the way through for it to make sense. No problem for me as I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

Seven of Nine is my favorite character in this episode. She sees the most action. She fights in a cargo bay and knocks off a few enemies. Great action and great pace to that scene.

Picard has a lot of good dialogue. One part I couldn’t stop laughing at is the scene with Picard and Whoopi Goldberg where she is telling him he needs to explore his heart since hes explored everything else. I kept thinking all these years and he still hasn’t got some loving or what. I though he was with the red head doctor back in the next generation star trek. I don’t care I was having too much fun laughing.

All the role players get in on the action Agnes Jurati has some great lines. You see her different emotions play out. Elnor and Raffaela Musiker have important parts as you see where there paths are headed. Q even makes an appearance and if you know star trek you know Q was in TNG and DS9.

Made for a great show and you got all the elements of fun and seriousness in this episode. Five star episode and it didn’t come easy this show really worked for that five stars.

Severance Episode One “Good News About Hell” Review

Excellent show. A great psychological thriller. Show starts out with a chick laying on a board room office table. She wakes up and a voice comes over the little speaker. She is pissed and tries to break out but can’t so she plays along and answers the questions. Then enters Mark S. Our main character of the show. He reminds me of tom cruise. Some good commentary back and forth between him and his coworkers.

The show does a complete 180 and brings it back to the beginning in the episode. Well directed and well written. She tries fighting Mark busting his head open and wilding out. She asks to leave but its not until the third time she asks that Mark allows her based on the company policy.

He walks her out and she comes right back through the doors. Its unexplained but Mark says that’s because you wanted to come back. Basically she agreed to be here and doesn’t remember it.

The boss is a silver fox. She scolds Mark for how he handled it but honestly he got the shit kicked out of him I think he did good.

We learn that severance is the package you agree to at the dinner they have. Severance meaning an operation to forgo your memories while at work. When you walk in the door who you are on the outside is gone.The dinner scene is a funny scene. A dinner with no food just conversation with friends. Cool in a way. The topic of severance comes up its very new to the world and society is mixed and the politics of it is messy.

The dinner scene itself is quite good. The spoof part was when his sister and friend tuck him in the car bed. We already had some silent humor at the dinner table and we really didn’t need it. However the part I thought made up for it was when Mark wakes up to get a drink and has a vision or does he? Someone standing outside the window.

Outside the window a man lurks. He looks drunk and his sister makes the comment later hes probably a stumbler from the bar. Later on Mark is eating at a diner and the man shows up and takes a seat next to him. He spills the beans on the company Mark works for. He gives him an address and tells him go there if he wants to find out whats happening.

I like how the end of the show ends with Mark pulling in his driveway and the neighbor hes been arguing with about the trash cans is his boss. But he doesn’t know that’s his boss because of his work memories and personal memories are severed.

First episode is a 5 star episode and I cant wait to review the other episode with you. The latest episode is out today!

Song Bird Token $SGB

On September 9th 2021 SGB began being traded. A major pop and then it plateaued. Large in part due to people not knowing what it was. Recently SGB was put on Uphold exchange. Its on Kraken and many other reputable exchanges. It’s adoption into these exchanges so early will fuel speculative growth long-term.

Songibrd is tied into Avalanche and powered by the Flare network. The likes of XRP will move with it. These are the early stages for SGB and I am excited to witness their growth and you should be as well.


Sitting at 0.074 cents this is a low low price and that’s what I love about crypto. On the stock market the NYSE to be exact if your stock is too low of a price they force you to bring it up more. Crypto markets will continue to thrive because they welcome in the low low prices.

Song Bird is coming off a rocky week and there is a lot of talk about it hitting 0.04 cents so there is time before you have to splurge on this coin. When you are talking about crypto remember like a stock you want there to be value beyond the trading window. The RSI and your indicators are important but don’t go chasing an invisible bag.

Song Bird is catching the eye of great exchanges so it should be catching your eye. The market is expanding and that is going to continue. There was a question that was asked about which is better Avalanche or Solana and I will be doing a podcast on which I believe is better in the long run. If I’m wrong so be it but I will have my prediction for you.

The Flare network is powerful gaining a lot of interest with their airdrops. How Song Bird ties into Avalanche and ties into the flare network is unique and is truly great timing for all of it to tie together.

*Financial Disclaimer: I am not a licensed financial adviser and the statements made on this show are not to be considered as financial advice. Always do your own research and consult with a licensed financial advisor before taking any financial risks.*

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