Toonami Recap-1883 Ep. 10 “This Is Not Your Heaven” Review

Starting with a new episode of Shenmue the Animation and ending with a classic Cowboy Bebop. Tune in as I discuss all the shows from Toonami and pass out my ratings for each episode. Hear my latest review of 1883’s season finale “This Is Not Your Heaven”. Airing on Paramount+ now!


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Shenmue Episode 4 – Shackles, gets us right. A few fights a few delights. Then his girl friend gets kidnapped. Then he hatches a plan to fight his friend and knock each other out. Now they will appear weak but then overcome the mob boss when there not in reach of the girl. So she isn’t put in harms way. This way they can get back to business of finding out who’s behind his fathers killing. The fight scene at the end was stupid but it made since. 4 star episode because I didn’t like the ending.

Attack on Titan was a wild one. Season Four Episode 78 – Two Brothers. A perfect name for this episode. Two brothers clinging for dear life. Titans battling with soldiers. The pace isn’t all that great. Animation is top notch. Story line was a little bit weak. Going with 3 starts on this episode. Attack on Titan is a better daytime than show than a nighttime show. That’s my hot take for you.

Cosmo Samurai 2 Part 2 – A fun ride so far. A nice 4 star snap shot. The problem with this one isn’t the subtitles it’s the length. I wish it was longer. Two more episodes in this series. They happen fast in short the Cosmo Samurais are a vigilante group protecting space systems. The main one is TOM funny he’s named after the host of Toonami. The Akutou were the antagonists in Cosmo Samurai original here. Now we wait until Saturday night for episode 3. Don’t miss it.

Assassination Classroom – Season 2 Episode 10 – Interesting episode to say the least. Each class is trying to gain the most money in the school festival. E class where our favorite band of characters are. Have a big disadvantage going into this competition. The brainstorming begins where each classes are coming up with there business. This is a great beginning to an anime. Looks like E class will be up against the big fives cafe which has a lot of bankroll behind them. There talking about business and how it works. Bouncing ideas off of each other. Korosensei steers E class in the right direction. That was all well written and the animation was solid. The beginning was great and helped push this to a four star episode for me. Karma has some good parts in this episode and Nagisa is my favorite character in this episode. Dealing with the angry mom once again this time with a different attitude. Looks as if she has learned to learn from her child. However, that means we may be losing Nagisa for a while. Korosensei is cooking up more lies as the show goes on. Important to note that class E didn’t win but came in third. However, they are in the board chairman’s good graces now. There’s also some surprise appearances from characters in other anime’s.

Made In Abyss – Season One Episode 7 – The Unmovable Soveigrn.
Great episode right here. You thought Riko and Reg would be all stealth in finding Rikos’ mom. Wrong! They are caught up at the seeker camp. This episode should really be title Ozen The Irredeemable. As she is called many times throughout this episode. Any villain that starts with an O is a real big bad one. This episode is really around Ozen. Her connection to Riko’s mom. Her scare tactics and training. Her devastating power. At one point Reg looks as if he might kill Ozen for not letting them leave and about to hurt Riko. Ozen nearly kills Reg. Then we find out it’s all a test. Four star episode. Great twist I didn’t see coming. The point is they will have a lot of tough opponents in the Abyss and they aren’t strong enough yet. They need Ozen to train them for this type of environment. Ozen is very twisted. She is a well-equipped mentor and a teacher but demented and sick in the head.

One Piece – Season 15 Episode 11 – Landing at Fishman Island – The Lovely Mermaids
New Fishman Pirates scare away Surume and give the Strawhats a choice. Nobody does that to the strawhats. So you can see where this is headed. Sanji cracks a lot of bad jokes and a lot of dry humor is sprinkled around. Luffy saves this episode. Give it 4 stars.

One Piece – Season 15 Episode 12 – Explosive Stimulation! Sanjis Life Crisis
This episode I didn’t care for. Focused around Sanji and I wish it didn’t. I’m over him being woman deprived and its time to move on from this story arc. Need to get to the island and see the new faces. I give this episode 2 stars because it was just okay. Nami was actually my favorite character in this one. She is fed up with Sanji too.

Naruto Shippuden – Episode 378 – The Ten Tails Jinchuriki
Awesome animation in this episode! Naruto the original starts out about nine tails. Here is Obito absorbing the ten tails in all his glory! Beastly monster that doesn’t appear to be stopped anytime soon. Great fighting in this episode. Naruto gives a great explanation of how the Ten Tails came about and overall a five star episode. This was Obito’s plan all along and hes willing to die to see it through. He was never planning on saving Madera. Well written episode and I have to give it five stars. Deep in the night and we got a treat.

Cowboy Bebop – Episode 16 – Black Dog Serenade
One of the best episodes of Cowboy Bebop. Truly an underrated episode. This would be in the hall of fame anime episodes. Shocking and thrilling. Jet definitely steals the show. From the beginning hes getting rocks thrown at him figuratively speaking. Faye Valentine is asking him to fix the shower. Edward is making a mess of the place. Spike is doing is own thing in his own world. Great dialogue great lines. Jet teams up with a former partner to find the man who stole his arm. We then see his memories deceive him later on. A noir spin on an anime. Focusing in on the character’s past and not so much the present madness. 5 star episode. Great refreshing way to end Toonami.

1883 Season One Episode One “This Is Not Your Heaven”
The series finale of 1883 is upon us. What a masterpiece Taylor Sheridan put together. All the emotions and all the reality of the late 1800’s is in this series. For this episode it had some characters push themselves to new heights. Elsa dying slowly but taking it in stride. Picking her burial site. Her parents would build there ranch there. The future home of Yellowstone. How it all came together was beautiful and my words don’t do the show justice. I am a fan as much as I am a critic.

The historical accuracy was there. A legitimate drama that’s not in a doctors office, a police station, or a super hero universe. This was rugged, real, and refreshing. Bitter sweet and it takes a real special cast and director to pull that off. As I have dissected this show piece by piece through each episode the feeling of exuberance I have gotten each time from watching has never left with each episode.

10 episodes in one season tells me this is not a slow show. Watching it will tell you that. The Native Americans that help Elsa by putting her in the river to stop the bleeding and allowing her to live on long enough to find a suitable resting place really highlights there culture. A giving culture.

No doctor in miles but the Native American tribe had a doctor. The Crow Medicine Man played by Shawn Real Bird has a good conversation with Shea and James Dutton played by Tim McGraw. Telling James about the spot he can find the burial site and where he can build a ranch. That is when Crow Man says in seven generations my people will rise up and take the land back from you. James kind of replies like they can have it. Which is weird because there not going to Oregon because there burying there daughter Elsa here. Why would he be so willing to give the land up. Maybe a spoof or maybe the actor just rolling with it. Crow Man then says my people will want to hunt on that land and you let them and James is fine with that.

Early in the episode Klaus and some other people want to go there own way. They make a big stink about it and bandits later come and kill them. You didn’t want to be alone on that wagon train was the lesson there.

Joseph has a rough part his wife dies but Thomas basically tells him they can cut the leg off and save him. Remember Joseph is a foreigner he knows nothing about amputation and these techniques in America. Hes like you can really do that? So they get him drunk beyond belief and hold him down and saw that leg off. They even do it to the point Thomas is saying to cut it a certain way so it heals properly. Back in the civil war they did this where he probably picked it up from.

Thomas is my favorite character in this episode. They do make it to Oregon and him and Naomi and her two sons and can begin to build there life. Thomas finds his human self again while Shea slips deeper in depression Shea makes good on two promises one to his wife that she would see the beach. Two that he would end his own life. Which he does with his own pistol after a humming bird whizzes by. The humming bird is a good omen. This symbolizes his wife was there with him.

Elsa ends the show out in a dream we get of her racing Sam. A touching ending to the show and series 1883. Eye raising because of her love for Ennis and how there relationship seemed real and expanded through the early episodes. However, I see why Sheridan did this part with Sam. He has respected and put authenticity in Native American culture in Westerns but in each episode they appeared in 1883 it was believable. The part with Elsa racing Sam on horseback is fresher in our minds than her relationship with Ennis. Ennis and Elsa didn’t make many memories from that point of view.

This show would be hard to keep going. You have lost the best character Elsa. Thomas is happy with Naomi and out of the picture. James and Margaret are going to be building a ranch with there son. Shea is also dead. Your main characters are really gone and spoken for. This is why there is no reason to do a season 2 and I actually respect that.

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