$CSPR The Friendly Crypto-Star Trek Discovery S4 Ep. 10 “The Galactic Barrier” Review

Breaking down Casper coin or token if you like. With a great protocol and integration into Web3 you will hear my stance. Briefly discussing the current shape of our economy. Plus Russia-Ukraine tensions sending ripples through the markets but a rally knows no bounds. Giving you a lesson on Exodus 25:1-3 in the King James Version Bible of how gold and silver are still great underappreciated assets and not to be blindsided by crypto alone.

Reviewing Star Trek Discovery’s latest episode! Season Four Episode 10 “The Galactic Barrier was another can’t miss episode. Giving you the goods on this episode. Discussing what I think went well and what was less than spectacular.

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Corporations are thriving and non profits are scraping by. Reducing services, building less homes, and endangering the future reported by Christian Science Monitor.

This is blind spot in capitalism that must be fixed. What about companies like domino’s that bought coupons during the pandemic to help small businesses out in communities. I’d say capitalism did it’s job there. So is capitalism the problem or is greed the problem? Is bad business a problem? If we agree on that then we can continue to empower the organizations that look to shelter the consumer against bad business practices.

Inflation is hammering away. We know oranges and cranberries have shot up in price. There’s trouble with supply and demand but there’s a deeper problem here. Trouble at the harvest. Pointing the finger isn’t going to make anything cheaper.

When we talk about a hedge against inflation; we have accepted we are gambling. If we’re gambling I like crypto-currency as a safe bet. Gold and silver are solid investments but there’s a premium there. There’s a long term game and maybe a mid term gain there. I won’t put all my eggs in one basket. The best way to protect your money is to spread it around.

This week I am talking about Casper the friendly crypto!

Twitter and Facebook need you. Without you the user there is no Twitter or Facebook’s no tweets nor posts. You are the author of what you put on there. One interesting feature on Facebook is the memories. Where they show you what you said or posted on that day a few years ago. Are you proud of that memory? Was that something that represent you and what you believe? In other words you are the author of your life. Let’s make sure we are putting the best image of ourselves forward. Doing our best to make sure we walking upright in faith and not blinded by greed.

With Casper we want to look at the last 3 months. A fairly new coin is great for me to discuss with you all. Coins that have been around like Bitcoin and Ethereum are talked about by the mainstream. The experts have had more time dissecting it and simply more time with it. They want to bombard with you with those coins. I am empowering these other coins that don’t have much exposure beyond a trading window.

Casper coin ticker symbol CSPR started trading last year beginning on May 5th, 2021. Coming off of a big month this is the time to get the crowd clamoring for a bull run! Give it time because if history serves us correctly looking back to last year. Spring was great to crypto markets, especially alt coins. You want Casper on your watch list.

Sitting at 0.7 cents on the exchange CSPR has exposure to better known exchanges like Uphold and user friendly exchanges that aren’t overseas. Not being prone to malicious attacks with no clear resolve or accountable organizational structure. That is a theme you will here behind many of the tokens I have traded. I will always tell you do your own homework and take what I say as a resource for your money making endeavor.

Crypto markets are flat lining and that will change. I am an internal optimist on these matters. Keep that cash on hand and be ready to make a splash when the weather warms up. The economy is opening back up piece by piece and it will be a while before it is at full strength. Patience is a virtue and the virtuous ones will be cashing out when the market turns around.

A long bear cycle meaning down as the crypto markets and NASDAQ and s&p 500 is now doesn’t mean we will have a long bull cycle. We could have a short bull cycle after the tensions in Russia and Ukraine settle. However, the media is going to run wild with Biden as President like they did with Trump and I fear they will do in the future. They will find another story concerning an evil man. They might flip back to Kim Jung Ung in North Korea shooting off his missiles near Taiwan. However, one true thing you can be sure of is the stronger Putin gets the stronger other dictators get. The more our enemies watch America’s every move.

Crypto is supposed to be decentralized finance aimed at breaking the chains of the old way of investing and trading. It’s not that the old way doesn’t work its that were not guaranteed any amount of time on this earth. Not to be dramatic but the point is we need multiple revenue growths to protect our homes and build our futures. Not to be greedy because those that do will suffer worse than when they were poor. To be motivated and to give and show others how they can earn a little bit more if they want.

That brings me to my point of Web3. Web3 is the new internet but it runs on the old internet. Its a new face plate on the same car. Another theme you will hear on my show. As much as I will critique Web3 let’s not forget its in the early stages. I believe it will be the future of internet but it won’t happen swiftly and integration of its components will be the biggest holdup. Casper token or coin is WEB3 friendly! Ready for the future of the net and working now, getting better, and growing.

Casper is a cross chain proof of stake service on the blockchain. Security will never not be important. This too is on your side. Verification is needed on any exchange I have ever been on. There are those that wish to prey on your data becoming one step closer to your cash. Verification and a strong suited proof of staking blockchain service is a key metric in the future of crypto markets. Casper is a developers paradise. Simple and easy to set up for Dapps. dApps are autonomous built on decentralized block chain technology. This is what Casper offers to its developers. Games will need it, accounting firms will be running on it, that means tax companies will be implementing this in the future. Think of your white collar jobs using Salesforce. Well Salesforce is a great company but that too will be on Web3 and that too will be needing components of block chain technology as security measures continue being assessed in large financial sectors down to the banks and credit unions that handle your cash in this great nation. Then count the international exposure of Casper and its services and you really have a hidden gem and an uncut one at that.

Casper coin needs more time before you explode into it and buy any. There are still a lot of economic implications keeping the markets down but really keeping the bulls down. However, I won’t be mad if you do splurge. We need more clarity on Russia and Ukraine not more rederick in my estimation. That goes for China as well. I believe Casper coin will become more appealing after this podcast in the coming months. I plan to revisit Casper on this podcast as well. If your patient with this then we may have another $MANA story on our hands.

I like to finish off this segment of the show with a passage and a prayer. Look to Exodus 25:1-3 KJV “And the Lord spake unto Moses saying, Speak unto the children of Israel, that they bring me an offering; of every man that giveth it willingly with his heart ye shall take my offering. And this is the offering which ye shall take of them; gold, and silver, and brass.” Look at this parable. Understand it. Let it soak in. Let it bake in the mind. Where did the gold standard come from … well it came from the Old testament. The gold standard is as old as the commandments that the good Lord gave Moses. So when we speak of gold and silver as the offering. People had goods and services needed something in exchange for them that is the offering that is gold and silver. That is the basis for currency. The foundation of economics in the Old testament staring right at you. So it’s not just about crypto. Gold and silver are great assets. Gold and silver protected the homes of the Israelite’s. This was the first hedge against inflation. In a lot of ways kept them alive along with Gods will and his mercy in the form of the offering.

Please Lord hear our prayer. Dear Lord please strengthen our commitment to your grace. Let those seeking wealth, love and joy, in your knowledge and wisdom have it. Let everyone come to know Jesus as a free man and of free will. You have changed our hearts for the better Lord please do the same for the people who have wronged us. We hold no grudge against flesh and we hold up your word Lord, in Jesus name Amen.

Star Trek Review: The Galactic Barrier

Madame President Rilak confronts the admiral. A transfer of power. Admiral is shocked; for once he doesn’t have it all figured out. Dr. Tarka and Booker attempt to hash things out over a story when they arrive at an old emerald chain interment camp. Where they kidnapped scientist and engineers and forced them into labor for the emerald chain. This is where Tarka is looking for the energy source but more equivalently an old friend.

Saru makes his peace and his love life is non existent before the Vulcan Admiral in his life who represents Planet Ni’Var. Saru asks her if they can be more than friends but she is quickly pulled away to more urgent matters. Little does he know she is joining discovery for the mission after he is consulting with the ships Dr. Culber. A federation united in the cause to destroy the new DMA. The admiral can do nothing but sit back and watch with us.

Captain Michael Burnhams role is reduced somewhat in this episode. After she puts the ship on black alert, then she is almost out of the picture besides an important scene with the admiral where they have extremely urgent news; regarding the DMA. Following it up by encouraging the admiral to relay that classified information to the crew. Would of been hard to get around doing that. The DMA has jumped and its ready to wipe out star systems! Discovery has to jump but has to hit a hyper field and there is a lot of turbulence. Everybody survives and has a nice reflection moment.

Dr. Tarka shares a story about an his roommate at the emerald chain outpost. He’s still looking for him. Still looking for a sign that he’s alive. He doesn’t know what happened to him. They had almost shut down the shields on the whole place and Dr. Tarka saved his life before getting out. Dr. Tarka is close to being my favorite character in this episode but I have to give it to Booker for listening to that long story under all that pressure.

Discovery is off to destroy the DMA and so are Booker and Dr. Tarka. I have to give it up to Madame President Rilak because she feels thrown in to the crew during this mission. I remember this happening in her and Captain Michael Burnhams original encounter. They look to have a shared moment and are adversaries for the same causes; strengthening the federation and learning from other cultures. Seems to good to be true after the previous seasons surrounding Captain Burnham and Philipa Georgiou’s dealings.We shall see as there are three more episodes scheduled in this fourth season.

The Galactic Barrier is a four star episode. We were missing the spark and sort of the flare needed in Star Trek. Not necessarily a space ship battle but a feeling of euphoria we receive from this mind racing franchise. In it’s defense this episode brings us closer to the closing of the DMA chapter in what is now a four episode beast of this fourth season.

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*Financial Disclaimer: I am not a licensed financial adviser and the statements made on this show are not to be considered as financial advice. Always do your own research and consult with a licensed financial advisor before taking any financial risks.*

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