Star Trek Discovery: S4 Ep. 9 “Rubicon” Review


Star Trek Discovery: S4 Ep. 9 – Rubicon

In Star Trek Voyager they gave a character an episode almost to themselves. Where the episode tied into that character and they revolved that through the shows entirety. In Deep Space Nine— my favorite Star Trek—they built deep rich characters and had a free flowing dialogue among many of the members. In Discovery the closer the character is to the captain the bigger role they have had and the more the episode would shine a light on them.

In this episode we get a good dose of what I described. Saru’s romance is brewing; sort of. An old friend returns and a lot of infighting occurs on the star ship. The ending is one I didn’t see coming and I don’t believe many people did.

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Starting from where we left off in episode 8 All In. This episode is really the tail of a three part episode. Dr. And Booker have to be stopped. Michael has overcome Madame President Rilak’s doubts but now she has to overcome her own. The Admirals character has grown on me as well. He reintroduces Commander Nahn to the show. Not in a corny sappy way but in a way that allows her character to flourish. As an impartial representative of the federation, to step in and carry out the orders to blow up Dr. and Booker’s ship as a last resort.

It can be said that when you come up with a plan b that becomes the plan. That is where this episode heads. After Discovery and Book trade some warning shots. Dr. decides he’s gonna lay into them and launches a plasma blast out of anger that really does damage. One of the transporting ships almost gets destroyed by the Dr.’s cryo-freezing technology that nearly kills half the discovery crew. Booker is pissed because he did not approve of that technology being installed on his ship and that is when there business partnership begins to slide on the rocks. Once the trust is broken the plan to destroy the DMA looks as if it will fail. Booker ultimately decides that he will stand down and surrenders to Discovery. Until Dr. Tarka slams the weapon and destroys the DMA. Only to create another DMA. Booker and Dr. Tarka jump to another dimension in there ship. While Discovery avoids the explosion.

The DMA is a force field that destroys planets. Dr. Tarka and Booker have great motives for destroying the DMA originally. However, they allowed the cure to become worse than the problem. Both there worlds were destroyed by the DMA. They had noble ambitions but went against every protocol and I don’t think it would be right for the show if accountability wasn’t held in some fashion.

Let’s hand out some individual awards. They utilized Dr. Culber much better than the last episode. Here he is on the ship that initially almost gets destroyed. There is deep irony there as he is a character that has been brought back from the dead literally. Dr. Culber settles a dispute between Lt. Cmdr. Gen Rhys and Lt. Cmdr. R.A. Bryce. Stepping in for Saru and keeping the dialogue flowing. Next up we have Paul Stamets the premier engineer on the ship played by the great Anthony Rapp and he doesn’t have a big part except he comes up with the plan b I spoke about earlier. Basically he was able to give Captain Burnham the information about how long before the DMCA would jump to destroy again. Which she used to talk down Booker. Both these characters in Culber and Stamets were almost non existent last episode and here they are playing great parts in this fluid show. One person was missing however, and that’s the beautiful Sylvia Tilly played by Amanda Wiseman. Her presence is missed. The laughter the quirks the smiles we as true fans miss her. She is that bubbly personality that balances out the serious situations and tense moments.

A few last thoughts for this episode, I feel like the writers did a good job somehow someway of listening to the fans and the critics. This is a 5 star episode for me. I highly recommend this show. This and 1883 are my favorite shows going right now. I will get to peacemaker and some others for us but this is about Discovery. Let’s give it up for Captain Michael Burnham who really gave a fair representation of how this type of situation can be handled on an emotional level. Brilliant performance by her. I did miss Commander D. Nahn and I was really enjoying her character before they took her away from us. Will see how that plays out but she gave an excellent performance. Admiral Vance is a character that grew on me and I like his parts in the series overall but this episode was a nice touch. I don’t think this quest to destroy the DMA is the end all be all of the show. A lot of potential here for something grander. We will have to wait and see.

Star Trek Discovery’s latest episode “Rubicon” is out now on Paramount+! A romance is brewing, an old friend returns, and a lot of infighting is becoming prominent on Discovery. One thing remains in the way of intergalactic safety and that is the DMA. Discussing the scenes and characters that left there mark in my mind. Season Four has so much more to give and Rubicon is the appetizer before the main dish. Listen until the end to unlock the hidden gem!

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