Star Trek Discovery: S4 Ep. 8 “All In” Review

Star Trek Discovery is back and undertaking bold exploration!! Here to tell you the highs and lows from the long anticipated return for the best show set in space airing now on Paramount+. Season 4: Episode 8 “All In” brings us back to where we left off and Captain Michael Burnham is ready for lift off! Cleveland Booker and Lt. Cmdr. Joann Owosekun make prime time splashes on the big screen. Dr. Ruon Tarka is still suspicious at best. Does Madame President Rillak get on anybody else’s nerves but mine? Will the Captain let her love of Booker cloud her commitment to Discovery or will she turn the page to a new chapter? Spoiler alert! Don’t miss this review as I give this episode 5 starts just like you should give my podcast! Listen until the end to unlock the hidden gem.

Photo by Adam Krypel from Pexels

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