Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers ‘Player Prop’

What a ride it has been for Big Ben! The winner of two Super Bowls and the face of the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise for over a decade is nearing the end of his illustrious career. In what looks to be his final home game at Heinz Field. As a fan and a lover of the game I can tell you it has been an honor to watch Ben Roethlisberger play the game of professional football. Those years of watching Big Ben roll out and complete a touchdown while taking a punishing hit are long gone. However, the Pittsburgh Steelers destiny is right in front of them. The Steelers will stop at nothing to win this game for there quarterback and send him out the way he deserves…as a winner. We may be seeing the final glimpses of the man we know and love as Big Ben in the NFL. However, the legacy will never be forgotten. The memories remain ingrained in my head of those immaculate title runs as I’m sure they do to many Steelers fans. Tonight I think he crushes his player prop and gives us one more reason to thank the big fella.

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