Uncovering The Piasa Bird Mystery (PODCAST)

In this episode I unravel the tale of the Piasa Bird or Thunderbird of the Midwest. In Native American folklore the story of the Piasa bird has lived for centuries, along with other stories of gigantic winged creatures. Tonight we go in detail about Dr. Mark J. Wagners groundbreaking research on the Piasa Bird which has changed the landscape of this urban legend forever. One infamous story about the Piasa Bird revolves around an first hand account by John Russell in 1836. Claiming Chief Ouatoga of the Illini actually slayed the Piasa Bird! Many have disputed John Russell’s claims and I go over that as well. Lastly, I cover a recent sighting of a gigantic winged creature in the sky; possibly the Piasa Bird. This podcast was inspired by the sources credited below.

SOURCE CREDIT: https://mythicmississippi.illinois.edu/native-illinois/piasa-bird/

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SOURCE CREDIT: https://soundbible.com

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