Seahawks vs. Washington: Best Bet

Seattle Seahawks (3-7) vs. Washington Football Team (4-6). Talked about this game earlier on my podcast. For those of you that didn’t listen; first of all you should go listen, and secondly I gave out two picks on the Super Show! Here is one of my bets tonight where I like Washington to win straight up. Sportsbooks are still having a difficult time figuring out how to price this line but I am grabbing it at (-105) odds.

Washington still playing for a playoff spot and the Seahawks are not out of it yet. However, time is running out! Both defense are dialed in and both offenses need a spark. I believe Washington has the edge at running back with Antonio Gibson opposed to Alex Collins. Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is dangerous but his receivers are playing so poorly as of late. Washington QB Taylor Heinicke is producing but he needs a gutsy performance tonight against a stout Seattle defense.

Seahawks defense is good when you watch them but the they are bottom of the barrel in surrendering passing yards and rushing yards. Early on it will be tough sledding but then the wheels will start rolling for the Washington wagon train. Weird game for the Seahawks on the road licking their wounds after a devastating loss to the Cardinals and Packers prior to that. Washington seems to be finding rhythm winning their last 2 games.

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