Bill Gates Goes Nuclear-Fighting Breaks Out Between Armenia and Azerbaijan-Movie Reviews (PODCAST)

Bill Gates chooses a small town in the back woods of Wyoming as home to his new Nuclear Power Plant. Sounds like a scary movie doesn’t it? Perhaps, a 90’s cheeseball film with a mad scientist. I discuss this topic more in the show. Fighting has resumed between Armenian and Azerbaijan forces—I give you the latest scoop. Then I am reviewing movies; I have watched recently. You will get a kick out of this segment! Giving each movie a rating: with a scale of one star being the lowest, and 5 stars being the highest a movie/show can earn. Dishing on the films: Sahara, Contract Killers, Red Hill, Ticker, Force of Nature, Max Reloaded Nether Blasters, Bleeding Steel, The Perfect Weapon, Saul The Journey To Damascus, Submerged. Talking about a few television shows I have viewed as well. One in particular is Allies & Enemies: Relic Hunter starring Tia Carrere. I discuss a few episodes I give high marks. Tune in for all this and more!

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PHOTO COURTESY/CREDIT: Photo by Mat Sheard from Pexels

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