Infrastructure Bill Passed For One Reason

To stop the democrat party collapsing from within. No coincidence after the republican takeover of Virginia in the most recent election that democrats were scared for their luxurious lifestyles being vaporized by future republicans. This encouraged the double down on billions in spending from house democrats led by (D)-California Nancy Pelosi.

In the midnight hour in a closed door room filled with pigheaded ideas a 1.2 trillion *bipartisan* infrastructure bill was passed. This would be the last ditch effort to save a failing party on the brink of a political civil war from within. 6 house democrats voted no; while 13 republicans voted yes. Giving the infrastructure bill the needed votes to pass on the house floor 221-213.

No victory ever came without consequence; in this case consequence equals future losses in elections. Earlier this year 19 republicans backed the infrastructure bill giving democrats the needed votes in the senate chamber long before the bill was finalized in the house.

This highlights two main issues in our two-party political system. For one conservatives slogan of ‘hold the line’ proves to be nothing more than a slogan. Which begs the question; are democrats and republicans much different at all when it comes to legislating? Lastly democrats show how out of touch they are with the common man and woman. Passing billions out in so called infrastructure but unable to pass another stimulus; while people are still reeling from the pandemic.

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