Thank You Virginia Voters

What started as a dead heat when polls closed turned into a barn burner for Glenn Youngkin!

Before I tread into those waters; I will take a step back and thank everyone in Virginia, and nationwide who voted last night in your respective state and local elections. Your vote matters; no matter how large or small the office is.

The morning coffee was bitter for democrats after the establishment poured millions into incumbent (D) Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s campaign. Even President Biden and VP Kamala Harris showed their faces on the campaign trail. Not doing McAuliffe any favors in retrospect.

From twitter meltdowns to newsroom hysterics it was a joyous occasion to be surfing the red wave last night. After a brutal 10 months since Biden was handed the Presidency; democrats suffered their worst defeat yet to newly elected Gov. of Virginia Glenn Youngkin. Below are a few tweets from the mind melding that began after Glenn Youngkin was projected Gov. of Virginia.

After seeing those tweets it really sums up the mood of the democrat party. Desperate, deranged, and downright pathetic. Not only did these tweeters have a bad night they let it become a living nightmare. Consuming their inner most thoughts; which only shows how fooled they were to begin with.

Not only did (R) Glenn Youngkin take the governor mansion by way of a red tsunami. Republicans also landed the Lt. Governor seat for decorated Marine (R) Winsome Sears. The first black Lt. Governor in the state of Virginia’s history. A truly monumental moment for her family and America.

At the present time the new AG is set to be a Republican unless a big swing in votes happen; which is unlikely with 95% of precincts counted, and a sizeable lead. Quite possibly the Virginia house being flipped from blue to red might be the biggest win of the night for Republicans. Republicans added 13 house seats giving them a 51-49 majority in the Virginia House of Delegates. This bears great significance as it allows Gov. Glenn Youngkin to push forward his pro-business and pro-family agenda without much of any stonewalling.

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