Reds vs. Cubs: Preston’s Best Bet

First pitch at 7:05 PM CT! Cincinnati Reds (51-48) hop out of their shiny range rovers at Wrigley Field where the parking stinks out loud! It’s Monday and I stay sacrilegious with one free pick for everyone tonight! Chicago Cubs (49-51) are getting no love and they won’t get any from me. It’s hot and it is more humid than a laundry mat with no air conditioning. Every time we think the Reds pitching will contain a batting order they get lit up like Tupac’s diss song against Biggie Smalls. The public is all over the UNDER and I think the heat is getting to their heads. If I had to choose a stadium to run around in the shortest amount of time It would be old Wrigley. With these weather conditions and questionable bullpens I am riding the OVER wave into the sunset!

*DM me if you are interested in my premium play for tonight.*

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