UFC 263 ‘Adesanya vs. Vettori 2’: Preston’s Precise Picks+Best Bet

UFC 263 takes place in Glendale, Arizona for a spectacular night of fights! Israel Adesanya will fight Marvin Vettori for the second time in tonight’s main event! However, our attention is moving elsewhere for tonight’s best bet.

The Line: Fares Ziam (-122) vs. Luigi Vendramini (+100)

Fares Ziam (11-3) is up against an evenly matched opponent in Luigi Vendramini (9-1). Ziam is the taller fighter and has a better ground game. Ziam holds the edge in striking accuracy and striking defense.

Luigi was walking around at 170 lbs but he is now in the 155 lbs division and looking to gain traction. Neither fighter has a tremendous output of striking but Luigi tends to come forward with no regard. He is incredibly strong but has a dangerous style of fighting that can get him in trouble with Ziam.

Ziam looks to fight smart and avoid the heavy shots. Both fighters have had ample time to train for this fight. I anticipate attrition setting in for Luigi and Ziam being the fresher fighter through this one.

Preston’s Best Bet: Fares Ziam ML (-122)

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