You Need To Know $CRO and NBA Playoff Predictions (PODCAST)

Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Preston Super Show. Preston’s Super Show. We’re back after a brief hiatus to start off the month of June right? And where better to start the month of June off right; then right here at Prestons Super Show. We got NBA Playoffs, MLB action on NFL offseason talk. You know, that’s never any fun. I can’t believe people make a living talking about sports out of the season instead of the sports that are currently going on. Wow, losers. Now, maybe you’ve heard maybe you haven’t heard about this new crypto. That’s really, it’s hard to say it’s new. But it may be new to you. Let’s put it that way. And it was new to me at one time. And that crypto is called $CRO. CR Oh, interesting. Why is that important? Why the hell does that matter to me? And my portfolio. Again, not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. Do your own homework. I’m a recreational and entertainment enthusiast just like you all. I have a lot of $CRO myself. I love it and I’m planning to get more. I think it’s great. The perfect time to get $CRO is anytime. That’s what’s so good about $CRO, that’s what people aren’t telling you about $CRO it’s at 12 cents right now. As I’m looking at coin which is one of the better websites on the internet. Crypto dot coms own coin $CRO. This is such a good coin for anybody starting out in the crypto sphere. For anybody that’s advanced and in the crypto world. I’m telling you right now, look at $BNB the by Nance coin that started off as a little lonely pebble on Fred Flintstone’s floor. And now Wah bah bah, bah, bah, bah, it’s running the place Fred Flintstone works at I’m telling you! These things are real this this is all true. This is not a fantasy at all. Okay, so when you talk about, this is an operation that’s exploding and the growth is exploding on Coinbase gets a lot of credit and a lot of the praise and we all dance around with our hulu’s on Well, maybe not me but you and I’m getting to the point of saying that we all are being boondoggled. Pay attention to what works. No fees, no commission, that’s where you want to be. Now, you’re not going to pay any fees when you’re moving things out of your Fiat wallet on your account. Now the good thing about the account is it works like my uphold account where I can get a card from them. So then when you get that card, there’s no reason to really pull that money off unless you’re doing something else with it or you need to spend it and then you have the card for that. So you wouldn’t have to worry about moving it from this account to this account or doing any of that frivolous stuff that can end up costing you a lot with gas fees or ATM fees or whatever. The point of $CRO is the point of $BNB. Its the point of every exchange having their own token, it’s an advantage. It levels the playing field against the other exchanges. You see cryptos tend to go with each other or against each other, but not too much of indifference. It’s more of the same. It’s not too much indifference. But a lot of the same in what you’re seeing when XLM or XRP or DOT1; they’re all running together. You have to look at Monero. Monero is an indicator for altcoins. Now, you’re not going to hear that from all these other people talking about the alt coins and the cryptos. You’re not going to hear that! They’re not going to tell you what to look for. On what days to stay away from trading the alt coins and what days to go strong and really bullish on trading alt coins. When you see Monero down. You want to hold off, okay? Because Monero is a real true signal for alt coins. And let me just explain to you why. Monero started off as an alt coin. People didn’t put a lot of faith in it and didn’t put a lot of stock in it. All of a sudden Monero became a powerhouse, to where if it’s not in your portfolio; when you understand crypto, learn more about crypto, you’ll want Monero. But the problem you’ll have is now that ship has sailed to a certain extent. For the smaller accounts, for the people with less money. Monero is a figment of their imagination, right? That’s okay. It was a figment of my imagination at one time to. Now put it in perspective with the other elites, Bitcoin, right? A theory. Okay. So we’ve established that there are real dominant powerhouses in the crypto realm. But what you also have to understand is there are up and coming exchanges, exchanges that are very powerful, so powerful. There’s enemies, trying to take them down from every corner, you turn around! For instance, look at HOTBIT that nobody really wanted to say much about when they were getting hacked. And all these different people were trying to wipe out all these people’s money on the Hobbit. You really didn’t hear a lot about it. Everybody kind of batted an eye. Yeah, whatever. Me personally, I think it’s downright disgusting. I don’t believe you can look at that, and say, “Oh, there’s nothing wrong with that.” I believe you need to look at that and re evaluate what you’re doing with that. But I’m not against HOTBIT. This isn’t some stomping ground where I pick stuff up and break it. No, I like HOTBIT. Matter of fact, I may create an account on Hotbit. But instead, I use gate And I like how works a lot like hotbit but doesn’t have as many coins, which I don’t like. It’s one of the top three in coins on exchanges. So of all the coins, you can get in that top three. So okay, what’s the problem with that? There’s no problem with that. Because most of the trading you’re going to be doing is going to be done through a lot more secure exchanges, like your Coinbase, like your Binance, like your So when we talk about; we talk about how many more people are coming to this platform. How many more people are realizing all these different possibilities that CRO gives you that they didn’t see before. Where you can stake it and earn more, where you can earn more money on top of your $CRO. Where you can take the $CRO, hold enough $CRO that you’ll be paying for Netflix and Spotify and being reimbursed for those. Yes, that’s possible with and their token CRO. It’s not possible with anything else that I’ve seen. It’s not possible with any other coin, where you’re going to be reimbursed for this type of action, these type of transactions you’re making. Nothing like that. So again, I’m telling you now just like I told you with $SKL (SKALE TOKEN). Aha! Oh, that went down? Yeah, it did. But guess what, what happened before it went down? It went up. It went up to the point where you could take profits and make good profit. Then it went down Yeah, got hammered with the rest of the crypto market. After Elon Musk and his band of hoodlums went around telling everybody it’s a hustle. Yeah, that’s exactly what happened. Yeah, that is what happened. And people like Elon Musk, Cathy Wood. They’re no good for crypto. No, no good for you. But for some reason, the millennials and the Gen Zers will follow anybody with a big bag of money wearing a bandana. And that’s the truth. And if you can’t see that, then you’re no better than them and you’ll go no farther than them, which is not very far. Because you have to think outside the box, you have to get tough, you got to get a little physical here. You can’t sit back on the sideline. And while everybody else is living high on the hog, you’re sitting there eating macaroni and cheese, it’s got to be different. It’s got to be better. And it’s got to start being better for you today. Pay attention to what I’m telling you.

So we’re moving on to a little bit of sports tonight. Want to get into sports, wrap the show up. I don’t want to go on too long. There’s a lot going on. For us to really sit down and have this great conversation that I want to have with you the valued audience that I appreciate. We need a little bit more time with a little bit more time here on Prestons Super Show; so I’m going to wrap it up with sports today. I want to tell you what I think’s going to happen tonight in the NBA playoffs and then I’m gonna give out my pick. There’s a write up on make sure you go check out Just like that. Spelled just how it sounds. Go there. All my works up there. You can read a lot of good articles. A lot of other stuffs featured on the site. All the community members on there are great. Everybody’s really, really on board with making money positivity and just lifting each other up, especially coming out of COVID. So I’ll tell you now, my pick of the night so we don’t get too far lost in the maze. Tonight, San Diego Padres up against Chicago Cubs I did the write-up on On the front page or you can click the MLB tab; it’ll be at the top. Okay! We got Padres 34-21 on the season. Chicago Cubs 30-23 on the season. Padres are sending their young Ace; Ryan Weathers to the mound. The Chicago Cubs are sending Kyle Hendricks to the mound. Hendricks has struggled this year regardless of what you heard from your favorite sports analyst or favorite capper. Hendricks has struggled. I’m not a Cubs hater. You know, I’m a White Sox fan. But we’re not talking about the White Sox today. We’re talking about a National League game for National League bragging rights. Where the Padres just got smacked up the other day by da Cubs. They’re on a two game losing streak and they’re looking to turn it around tonight. But I don’t want to stay in the game for the entirety of of the duration. I want to get out halfway through. So tonight, Preston’s best bet. Take San Diego Padres first five inning run line. You are gonna get that at plus 105 odds. You can’t beat it. Can’t beat it. You’re not gonna be sweating tonight. 10 is gonna pay you 15. You know what I’m saying? So get that bet in. First pitch 7:05 PM CT. You’re going to love it.

Now for NBA. A couple things I want to say about NBA Actually, I can go on for a while about sports, you know me, but we’ll try to do this in a modest timeframe. So Boston versus Brooklyn first game 6:30 pm this was a series not worth watching in my eyes. Now it is. You see that video of Kyrie Irving walking out (and usually I don’t get into the YouTube videos, either mostly cringe and for the fringe) but for me; I did catch a glimpse of Kyrie Irving (with a little bit of celebrity beef) stomping on the Boston Celtics logo. Channeling his inner Terrell Owens somewhat. I think that tonight Boston comes out with a fire and a passion I don’t see Brooklyn escaping this game by a lot. They’re not going to cover that minus 13 they’re not going to cover that. Not tonight not after that. But I really … as a gamblers perspective, I would be looking for Boston something first half, something first quarter even. I expect Boston in the first half to come out fired up. They might end up burning themselves out and it’s in Brooklyn. I don’t know what the crowd, most crowds are gonna be like, or what the atmosphere will be like. But I wouldn’t be hanging around for a money line bet until the end of this game. I mean I’d really be looking for first half, something first quarter even for Celtics over total points. The Nets are going to want to get out of this without without too many scrapes. They don’t want to play a sweaty game down down the wire, they don’t want to and the Celtics they do right now because they have nothing else going for them and their backs against the wall. So you can see Celtics pull off an upset. I’m not saying it’s gonna happen, I’m saying it’s within the realm of possibility. So don’t rule it out. Let me have a sip of coffee here. Then you got Portland and Denver. Well hold on let me tell you about the total the total to 234 and a half. You know I say under it’ll probably go over but I do think under and then Brooklyn minus 13 they’re not gonna cover that and if they do cover that then Boston didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs from the jump. I don’t care you’re down Jaylen brown and all five other guys that start. I don’t care. You can’t, you can’t lose by that much in the playoffs and call this competitive ball.

Portland versus Denver on here. What are we saying? What do we talk? Why do we care? Do either one of these teams got a shot in the dark at somehow some way making the Western Conference Finals. I doubt it. I don’t see it happening. I did like Denver but they’re just a different team without Jamal Murray. Like when you got Aaron Gordon trying to take over in a basketball game. I got to write you off. Ask the Orlando Magic how well that went. Right. And they had Vucevic. Vuc all those years that never worked. Never. Not even close. Portland is going to win this series. It’s just the way I see it. Brooklyn will win their series. But Portland’s gonna win this series, they might have to go to the wire. They might have to go all seven and get it though. Not going to stop Jokic from scoring. Portland don’t got a guy that can get match up with him. Damian Lillard is not gonna sit another offseason not getting past the first round. Not gonna happen. Not gonna happen. I could see the nuggets losing and in almost convincing fashion. But I do think there’s some fight left in this Nuggets team. I do look at their statistics and see statistically their sound. So you don’t want to go too much against that. You don’t want to go too much against the books on the line here, minus 2 I would be on the opposite side of that. Portland plus 2 and a half with a hook on the point five take the hook. But if you can’t get that for a good price without paying minus 150 or something. You’re looking for Denver, first half. Their at home you know? Portland plays at somewhat of a higher altitude but we’re gonna be dropping down here a little bit coming into Denver up in the mountains sometimes it messes with teams early on in the game. Before they can adjust so yeah, be looking for Denver, something in that first half. Just gamblers perspective, weather man’s perspective, I suppose. But I like to total poitns, its probably the best spot in this game. Its over 225 and a half. I don’t see how it doesn’t go past it. Neither one of these teams are playing a lick of dense. I think that’s clear. Clearly going over. And if it doesn’t, and that’s just sad it’s actually piss-poor. If that doesn’t go over tonight. We got Lakers suns series that is mildly interesting is a good way to put it, I suppose. But the Lakers are, are tied up in a series where if you would have been talking about this, even halfway through the year, you would of decided the Lakers will sweep this team. And now we’re talking about the Suns you know, we’re potentially going to sweep this team and flopped. But they still got a chance to win the series. And they’re a good team. The Suns are a good team. They’ll let you down. But then they’ll surprise you. And that’s how they play. It’s why it’s a very tough team to bet on because you never know what they’re gonna do on any given night. Seems like they win more than they lose. But when you’re betting on them, that may not be the case, you may be losing more than you’re winning when you’re betting on the Suns, you never know. Never know. Not necessarily an easy thing to look at. And it’s not very cut and dry. You know what I like the Lakers to fight tonight. LeBron always gets his team to fight. Always count on those guys to fight. But the problem is, they’re gonna have problems. We’re gonna have problems. You can’t sit there with Taylan Horton and Docker and a bunch of Dr. Seuss characters and expect to beat a Phoenix Suns team that’s got Chris Paul and Devin Booker who’s gonna score on a on any given play, you know? given possession, I should say. But the bottom line is Anthony Davis is banged up. Lebrons intensity is lower than it’s been in recent years. He’s not moving, he’s not even moving the same. And if you can’t tell, then you’re not paying attention to basketball much because he’s not moving the same as LeBron once did. He’s not going to. I wouldn’t say his always best days are behind them. But I would say his championship days are. Not like he cares, right? He’s got a bunch of rings. Phoenix Suns will win this game. Think they win the next two. I think the Lakers are out of it. They’re on the road. No big man to help them out. It’s just too much stacked against them. For me … you know from gamblers perspective, I wouldn’t dare touch the Lakers. You can make a case to not touch the game. But I would say if you were betting it; I’d be on the side of the Suns throughout the whole game. I think they outscore the Lakers all four quarters. Besides maybe the third they come out of halftime a little bit sluggish. But I think they’re gonna start off up. I think they’re gonna ride this crowd. And I think they win this game.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you once again. I had a slammer bamar whammer jammer for you on the podcast. Preston Super Show. tell all your friends. Come one, come all. The more the merrier. And just like the hands of time, I’m turning it over to you. Good night, everyone.

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