Quebec Under Strict Curfew-Illinois New Crime Bill Hurts Police-Joe’s Top Stocks-NFL Rundown

Super Show Synopsis

When I first heard the news that Quebec, Canada was on a strict lock down it was from friends and not the news. When I looked into it you would be disturbed to find only a few sources had even mentioned it. Quebec has in effect one of the strictest curfews yet. In Illinois a new crime bill was passed in the heat of night and progressive nightmare Gov. J.B. Pritzker is expected to sign (House Bill 3653) any time now. Further opening up channels to de fund the police. Letting criminals right back out with eliminating the cash bail system. I go into detail about both issues on the show. Joe Erwin gives us his weekly stock watch list. Giving you my breakdown of NFL this past weekend. USE referral code: b362fb for $10 after your deposit of $20+.

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