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Georgia Senate Runoff Elections between Senator David Purdue vs. Jon Ossoff and Kelly Loeffler vs. Rev. Warnock happen this week on January 5th, 2021. The new week and New Year is here! Will it have a gloomy outlook or will sunshine beam through? I discuss the implications of the Senate Runoff races, the importance of voting, Georgia’s founding, and rich history. Cuba is moving to a single currency. Bringing mixed reactions domestically and internationally. I detail the implications of this monetary policy decision on a much larger scale than the mainstream media. I share a feel good story about ‘White’s Burger Stand’ in Kankakee, Illinois from the 1920’s.

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A new week full of new hope. The reason it’s so important to have Joe on the show is not only am I learning from him but he nails one of the fundamental ideas to my podcast. Which is Economic Prosperity. Any country must have economic development and prosperity to succeed. Some people like to attach the word capitalism to it. Capitalist nation or not; economic prosperity is needed for a country to grow and the inhabitants to thrive. We also have another intelligent individual joining the Super Show movement and you will be hearing from him soon. A good friend of mine, Chris.

You know it’s going to be a long day after you roll out of bed and make it 10 feet to the crapper. Never will the day become shorter after that.

When I wake up that is the truly only quiet of the day. Two cars drive past. Probably the same cars every morning. Your sitting there facing the window, hunched over from being tired. Feeling sluggish. You look up at that coffee pot. The miraculous golden sweet brown liquid pouring into that pot. Making it all worth it. You know before a long day and after a long day that coffee pot may be your only true friend.

Who else is up with you at that time of the morning? However, a coffee pot (like many of your friends) will turn their back on you. Oh, yes! After a year or tad bit longer. First it starts clunking and chunking. Then it starts making an odd noise or noises ‘scheezip scheezip coo coo’. Then you see the sledge hammer. That mighty sledge hammer. You leave it lying around. Why? Because that’s how you roll. You eye ball it. You nod your head and after that last cup of coffee from that machine on it’s last leg its time for a new coffee pot.

Does anybody know why these 10 or 20 dollar coffee pots break in a years time or less? That’s the burning question.

I’m starting to begin to believe we need to replace all cell phones with bat signals just to get people to look up. The world is on fire, crime is ticking up, violence is ticking up, shootings are going up, and everybody is glued to their phone. Did you not realize by now that it’s not getting done there? That life cannot be done digitally.

Bud light seltzer is a thing now. Did you hear about that? What’s going on with seltzer and why do people like it? Are people losing their taste buds? I have an uncle that drinks bud light. I mean any party I’ve ever been to that he had it there. I think the stuff is terrible. The bud light platinum isn’t too shabby but domestic beer is hard to stomach in general. I am an import guy. Heineken, Guinness, you know the stuff I actually consider beer. Not water with fizz in it and a terrible after taste. And a headache the next day.

Were moving into an important time in our country. We have President Trump battling back his own party, the supreme court, democrats, and a majority of the press to straighten out the results of the Presidential election. 12 senators will reject the results of the election and Ted Cruz is on board. Did you hear about this? Did you hear that Iran’s leader Hassan Rouhani promised that he would make sure President Trump is dead? Did you hear any Senator in the democrat run offs in Georgia speak out against this? The Jon Ostowitch and Rev Warlock who parade around. Act like the next Martin Luther King. They instead double down on their attacks of Trump being bad, Kelly Loeffler being evil, Senator Purdue being evil. Would they hold back from condemning Iran’s leader if he said this about Biden? If he said this about Obama? Kamala? Food for thought.

The last defense against a Biden-Harris criminal radical gangster regime that will cripple our country, tank the markets, and make us reliant on foreign powers is on the ballot in Georgia of all places. You know the colony of Georgia was founded as a ‘Utopian’ idea by philanthropist James Oglethorpe. A philanthropist, a British soldier, and a member of parliament. He fought against slavery and outlawed it as the first Governor of Georgia in 1732. He helped resettle the poor from Britain in the colony of Georgia along with different protestant groups that were cast out by the church of England. They wanted a fresh start. This was the beginning of Georgia. The miracle of god and footwork of mankind. Nobody on the ballot in Georgia measures up to James Oglethrope. However, Jon Ossoff and Rev. Warnock are farther from the bold ideas and compassion needed to stop the destruction of our country. January 5th this Tuesday is time for the people to speak for the people of this country. The debt is on all of our shoulders to make what is wrong right. The voters in Georgia are a smart bunch. They see the double speak going on with the democrat challengers. They see the phony talking points. They see the accusations being hurled by Rev. Warnock and Jon Ossoff at Loeffler but Warnock has his own problems on his hands. Warnock’s ex-wife claims he is a great actor. In a video that surfaced not to long ago he supposedly runs over his wife’s foot while trying to leave after an argument. The point I want to make about this is Warnock is a man that can’t even keep his own house in order. He has no chance in hell of keeping a senate or a country together. No shot. Something else troubling about Warnock that the mainstream media isn’t covering. He was arrested in 2002 for allegedly obstructing police in a child abuse investigation at one of his summer church camps. Is that who you want representing your state? Make your voice heard Georgia.

How do I see it playing out you may ask? Well I see it being split I see Sen. Purdue beating Ossoff because Ossoff is too weird and to knew to the people of Georgia. I believe they see that as a threat. Where Ossoff’s biggest issues is not seeing himself as a threat. When it comes to Loeffler I think shes remarkably talented but I question if her message is resonating with voters. I don’t like Warnock but I think he may have fooled enough people that he is actually a good guy. When we all know that’s a great charade. I see it being split Republicans win a seat, and democrats win a seat. That is good for Republicans and they will do a victory lap. However, winning both seats is highly possible. Get it done Georgians the country is in your hands this Tuesday.

Cuba is moving to a single currency on their island.
Right now Cuba has two currencies. One of those is on the way out by the month of June this year. For the first time in 20 years Cuba will rely solely on one currency. The Cuban peso. They are asking people to trade in the other currency the CUC for the CUP. The CUC’s are involved in foreign money, such as tourism or buying imports. However, many people in Cuba and those in these industries are still paid in CUP’s. Many stores don’t even accept CUC’s to purchase goods locally. There lies disparities that have led Cuba to this point.

Make a mental note of what I’m going to tell you. Countries can officially adopt the US dollar or another foreign currency as their own for greater stability. Think of it this way in Florida a hurricane happens and then they need financial aid to help them. Then the federal government issues them money backed by the dollar to help rebuild. It’s not bitcoin that pays for the supplies and salaries of all these workers because bitcoin is not trusted and accepted everywhere like the dollar. It’s not a cryptocurrency or some hidden pot of gold bailing out Florida communities after a hurricane. It’s the rest of America’s tax dollars. One dollar equals one dollar. One peso should equal one peso. That is what Cuba is moving to. A peg of 1:1 for their currency. When you look at bitcoin for example one bitcoin is equal to almost 33,000 dollars. With that as the peg that can never work as a standard for paying employees, paying pensions, paying taxes, buying goods and services. Bitcoin and crypto currencies are simply trading pawns to make you money or lose you money. Depending on how good of a trader you are.You would have to fundamentally change the monetary policy of the country to enact a cryptocurrency as the main currency and with a dollar in place with a peg of 1:1 that is not logical at all. So when someone says that oh bitcoin is going to be our currency or this is going to be Americas currency they are living in fantasy world. Instantly discount that.

Cuba moving to the Cuban peso and doing away with the CUC will cause inflation at first. So they are preparing for that by increasing government worker’s salaries and pensions. I don’t think thats a good idea. Something really interesting to note is the Cuban peso’s exchange rate will be posted daily on the Central Bank’s website. Meaning it has potential to fluctuate rather than stay at it’s fixed rate. That is a new thing entirely for Cubans. That part I love. You know in the state of Illinois the dollar is worth a 1.02 based on regional price parity.

There are numerous downsides to this move. Although, ultimately from outside looking in this monetary transfer of currencies is a good thing in my eye. Cuba’s price of everyday goods will continue to climb. The country of Cuba is taking a big hit right now and they couldn’t of picked a worse time to carry out this currency transformation. A big reason is their tourism industry is suffering massively. A lot of people are paid in CUC’s and since they are worth 24 times more than the Cuban peso the devaluation of the CUC’s will cause many people to be even poorer. I wish the people of Cuba the best and as always will keep you updated with stories like this.

I want to end the show on a real light note. A blast from the past. A story out of the local paper.

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