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Pope says vaccine must go to needy first! Gov. of Florida Ron DeSantis said the same thing but is taking heat for it! Discussing why we are being bombarded by FDA advertisements about GMO’s during my favorite shows! Joe Perry (@ImmortalGain on twitter), brings us his Top 4 stocks for this week! Glossing over the NFL and NBA games on today. Discussing the Tigray Conflict in Ethiopia. The impact on Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (who won a Nobel Prize). Discussing Brexit and Britain’s new fair trade deal with the EU. As well as the EU-China investment treaty that would spell disaster for America. PSALMS 37:4

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Source: https://www.foxnews.com/world/pope-on-covid-19-vaccine-needy-vulnerable-must-come-first

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Pope Francis says vaccine must go to needy. The media are hailing him as a hero. Pope Francis is right on the money here. So is Gov. of Florida Ron DeSantis who said the equivalent. The media is trying to tear apart Gov. Ron DeSantis. A man who won a hotly contested gubernatorial race in Florida which the Associated Press, New York Times, Slate, The Intercept and the rest of the bunch from the patch wanted to say his opponent would of won. And the polling data from good old reliable would have had you believe DeSantis was losing decisively.

Ron Desantis is hated by the mainstream media. Since DeSantis was sworn into the Governorship of Florida in 2019 the mainstream press and the wallbangers have stopped at nothing to smear DeSantis every step of the way. Again, the Pope is supposed to be a friend of the left because he too is on the left of the political spectrum. The Pope is geopolitical so why shouldn’t you be? Including but not limited to you atheists out there? Is the Pope more intelligent than you?

I throw the darts of decency never giving up hope for a light at the end of the tunnel. Do not give up on the brighter horizon that will reappear after the tiresome terrible trite the democrats continue to spoon feed us about shutting down businesses because of Covid-19. The same government who regurgitates ignoramus statements about lacking the resources to help the problem they have caused. The same government that gave themselves raises and continues to receive a paycheck during this crisis. A crisis deepening everyday. Oh, yes!

You used to have to be somewhat intelligent to read the Smithsonian magazine. Nowadays any lame brain can pick it up and act like an archaeologist or scientific genius. Why can’t I sit down and enjoy a few episodes of Peter Gunn without being bombarded with GMO commercials from the FDA? Are people really that dumb the FDA has to combat your stupidity with a taxpayer funded campaign to educate you on some damn freaking GMO hobgoblin nonsense.

What the hell do you care what’s in your food? You go to McDonalds don’t you? You still get the 2 for $5 whopper don’t you? Everybody ran to get the Popeye’s chicken sandwich what’s stopping you? Some damn GMO gibberish? I’m dumbfounded at how stupid people are. You have a right to be stupid but boy is it costing people dearly who want to work, and not sit on the unemployment line.

We have football and basketball going on. A number of games today. Most exciting game and game of the week in my eyes is Titans vs. Packers. The Packers are a complete team with the exception of the run defense. They have been better the last two weeks but overall pretty poor. That game is going to be on NBC at 7:20 pm central time. I do expect this game to be close. Tannehill is a stud at quarterback for the Titans. The crafty veteran. As well as their premier player/running back Derrick Henry. The Titans defense is not the same as last year. With that being said, I expect Aaron Rodgers to have a field day. Davante Adams will shine and Aaron Jones will find some creases to seal this one up. Even if the Packers defense falters I don’t think it changes the price of potatoes.

On the NBA side of things I’m sure you have a team you like to watch. As for the hometown team the Chicago Bulls they haven’t won a game yet facing 0-3 tonight if they lose to Golden State. Which they probably will. Steph Curry is a full go and even the bench is shooting lights out. However, Lauri Markkanen is solidifying himself as the Bulls best weapon and he’s fun to watch.

The best game of the NBA slate today in my eyes is Phoenix Suns vs. Sacramento Kings. You won’t have me say that often but this is a rivalry game. In the bubble before the end of last season. The Suns and the Kings dueled and Dearon Fox was spectacular. Devin Booker was on fire. And both teams have refueled and also surprise many people don’t know Hassan Whiteside is on the Sacramento Kings. Tenacious defender and I expect to get a real competitive game.

Everybody is wondering who I like this year to win it all. I say without a doubt a healthy Brooklyn Nets team with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving is my odds on favorite to win the NBA finals. Again we are only at the third game of the season. You can hold me to that statement that is fine with me. However, have a heart I did say a healthy Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

I have two more issues to discuss with you after the break. Please hang on I have to make my pennies for the day.

Thanks for hanging with me through the break. The first issue I will bring up with you is the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has raised arms against a Tigary Rebel force threatening Ethiopia. Conflict always brings mixed reactions and that is what Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is facing. Known to his people as a peacemaker. Abiy’s legacy has now been put into question by the press. I will play a clip for you to provide greater context of the developments in this story and providing you with an exact account of what is going on in this conflict between the Tigary Rebel forces and the Ethiopian military. This clip is from VOAnews.com reported by Simon Marks from Addis Ababa and I will also link the article in the shows description.

Talks over clip

There is a report surfacing today December 27th that a raid in Pakistan has killed 7 Pakistani soldiers in Baluchistan. Nobody has claimed responsibility of the attack. However, the article does finish by saying Pakistan accuses India of funding Baluch separatists, accusations that New Delhi denies.

All across the world in-fighting is breaking out. You look at the American state of Oregon. Where protesters did kick in the door of the state capital. In city of Chicago where the looting and violence picked up over the weekend but the media turned a blind-eye to it. A complete shame and pushing us farther from the goal of peace in our nation.

What I want to finish with is some good news, some odd news, and a hidden gem for all of you.

Some good news has rolled out from Britain where they have reached a deal with the European Union to keep healthy fair trade between them as Britain separates from the European Union. Known to many of us as Brexit or the Brexit movement.

Some odd news surfacing shows us that the European Union is making way for an Investment Treaty with China of all countries. These talks have been going on pre-Covid-19 but are gaining steam. Let me put this in perspective for you. The European Union is headed by Germany and Chancellor Angela Merkel to be exact who is on her way out next month. She is pushing for a deal with Beijing officials form China. These individuals are investment moguls looking to capitalize in every way on European countries and ultimately western civilization.

In my opinion the timing is poor, I believe China is not your friend. Chinese companies are also not as profitable as you think from an investor standpoint. Many of them dissolve quickly or are bought up by bigger and larger companies or investment firms. The article mentions that this would be a slap in the face to a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris presidency.

Stepping away from the article. As much as I think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are unfit to due the job they are assigned I still am against a deal of this nature. China is at fault for the Covid-19 virus and has major steps to take before we should be patting them on the back as trading partners. However, the European Union sees it another way.

We have made it to the hidden gem of the week. The hidden gem of the week is none other than a movie called Iron Brothers. I highly recommend watching this movie tonight or whenever you have time. I also recommend a tv show for you called Crime Story. I finished the first two seasons and it’s excellent. You can find both of these on the free tv and movie app called Tubi. Or wherever you can find them. Ladies and gentleman its been an honor to do the show for you. I will be back next Sunday. Just like the hands of time; I’m turning it over to you. Good night everyone.

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