Joe Biden Is Not The Manchurian President-Top 3 Christmas Movies


Discussing how Joe Biden is nothing like the ‘Manchurian Candidate’ depicted in the film. Rallying the masses to have some Christmas Spirit. Giving you three solid Christmas flicks to watch. Giving thanks to CHRIST JESUS my Lord and savior. Glossing over the terrible TV during the Christmas season. Providing some insight as to what I enjoy watching in general. Pour up some eggnog, grab some Christmas ham, and for heavens sake have a jolly time listening to the Christmas edition of Prestons Super Show!

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Joe Biden Is Not The Manchurian President-Top 3 Christmas Movies

The ‘interchangeable’ President

The Supreme Court will not hear oral arguments from President Trumps legal team until two days after the Inauguration day January, 20th. If you can’t see this as a political move then I don’t know what world you are living in.

Joe Biden was not the Manchurian candidate the talking heads will have you believe. Biden was the least threatening candidate to the oligarchy controlled government in our nation. The least threatening candidate to the socialist so called progressive movement. Which is crippling our once great cities. Think of a parking lot and how they have the handicap spots so close to the building. A Biden Presidency is the equivalent of each parking spot being a handicap one. I dub Joe Biden as the ‘interchangeable’ President. Easily influenced, easily corrupted, but the left, the media, and the rest of the democrats will tell you he is adapting. That is until he moves too slow for them. That is until he drags his feet enough to begin the rumblings of impeachment.

What you may or may not understand is the table has already been set. A Kamala Harris Presidency is on the rise. I fear by impeaching Trump in the house but not the senate; opened the door for future impeachments from less circumstantial evidence than ever before. The congressional process is unlike the judicial process. They don’t need evidence, they just need enough votes. They must convince enough congressional representatives that the President, in this case President elect Joe Biden, is unfit to serve. Which they can do under Article 25 of the US. constitution. I predict within six-months to a year of Biden’s presidency the house democrats along with house republicans will have no issue filling impeachment proceedings. When they see the lack of effort and direction the country is headed; they will be sprinting to throw old Joe out.

One more minor detail I must mention. Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden will be a black-eye on the face of Joe Biden’s future presidency. When the John Durham investigation is completed. When the evidence does roll out about Hunter Biden’s involvement with the Ukrainian company Burisma while his father was serving as Vice President. As well as the ‘laptop from hell’. There will be no avoiding it. No hiding from it. No running from it. Hunter Biden will leave a tarnishing stain on his fathers presidency, that I don’t believe Joe Biden will be able overcome.

What Does Christmas Mean to You?

Enough about politics for a moment. What does Christmas mean to you? One thing I can tell you, is we did not get a white Christmas. Meaning no snow on the ground here in Kankakee, Illinois. Christmas means a time of peace, coming together, and living for my savior Jesus Christ. Gifts are good but that is really for the children. As adults we settle for liquor, drugs, and instant satisfaction. Gratitude some may call it. I love the holidays even though I know many are struggling I hope they find peace on Christmas. I hope nobody has to go hungry today but I fear millions of families will. Have you ever asked what God wanted for his birthday? His birthday is on Christmas you know. Maybe we should ask GOD what he wants for his Birthday. What do you think that would be? Peace and harmony among all would be at the top of my list. However, I don’t know what he would want. I only know what I can offer. What I can gift God. A better version of myself. A better attitude towards other people, his children. That is my gift to God on this harmonious day full of merrymaking. I want to dedicate this podcast to the people who are working on Christmas. No matter what job it is doesn’t matter to me. You just being there when you could be with loved ones makes all the difference. I wish you didn’t have to sacrifice but for those sacrifices you are owed a great debt. God bless you all and merry Christmas.

Is there ever anything good on TV for Christmas? How many of you still have a cable box, or satellite for tv? Everything I watch now is online. Except for the indoor tv antennas throughout my house for the local channels. Since I’m close to Chicago you do get quite a few channels. One channel I like is NHK News. That is the leading news company out of Japan. I don’t know why but I’m fascinated by the Japanese culture. Another channel I like is H&I TV. In the morning I would watch westerns like wagon train, have gun will travel, wanted dead or alive, and a few others. Whenever I can catch these shows I find myself fascinated. I didn’t grow up with westerns or black and white TV. However, I enjoy it better than TV nowadays. Call me old school. I don’t care, these are masterpieces.

How many Christmas movies have you watched? Be honest. I watched one. Fat Man and I did a review for all of you. My audience who I love and admire. You keep coming back to hear my buttery smooth voice on the microphone. You all keep me going. I don’t pay attention to the views on my blogs or listens on my two podcasts. Honestly I don’t. I enjoy creating and it’s as simple as that. However, thank you for your continued support. I do this all alone. No production crew, no writers, just unfiltered me. Every time you support me, you are supporting an actual independent writer/editor, and podcast host. Free from censorship or special interest. Wouldn’t it be nice if our elected officials were that same way?

I made a list for you of my top 3 Christmas movies.

Number three) Fatman. Why not? It’s the newest Christmas film to date and I wrote the review on it for heavens sake. Mel Gibson is the most polarizing figure in the history of Hollywood. You think of passion of the Christ, Braveheart, Lethal Weapon, and many more. However, this film gives you the vintage Mel Gibson with the futuristic twist we all need to keep us watching a movie nowadays.

Number two) Bad Santa. This is completely opposite of a Chevy Chase comedy. This is a fantastic remedy to those of us that have the Christmas blues. A great comedic relief from the suffering some of us may have on this Christmas day. You may think Billy Bob Thornton is a creep but he nails this role. He nails this role so well I believe it really is the shining film of his career. No Jack Nicholas pun intended.

Number one) A Christmas Vacation. This movie never gets old. Chevy Chase is a comedic legend, a genus. A man that is actually funny. Non-political. Great for the family. Great to watch a hundred times or however much you can stomach. The story is compelling and has elements of the modern day American family.

Those are my top three and I’m sticking to them. Tell me your top 3 Christmas movies in a review on apple or wherever you listen to podcasts. I would really like to know.

Thank you for listening to today’s show. Please be safe and continue being kind to all. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! Ladies and gentleman it has been an honor doing the podcast for you on this majestic Christmas night. Just like the hands of time, I’m turning it over to you. Good night everyone.

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