UFC Fight Night 183: Thompson vs. Neal precise picks

Carlton “Clutch” Minus (10-2) vs. Christos “The Spartan” Giagos (17-8)

Carlton Minus enters this bout as a (+250) underdog. Christos Giagos enters as a (+325) favorite. Clutch took a beating in his last fight against “Semi The Jedi”. Minus cut down from 170lbs to 159lbs and I expect that to show in this fight. Giagos took Drakkar Klose to a decision in his last bout. Both these fighters are hungry to avenge those losses. Giagos does have the better GYM behind him in Black House MMA. I believe that along with Giagos experience will pay dividends tonight equaling a victory.

Jimmy “The Brick” Flick (11-5) vs. Cody Durden (11-2-1)

“The Brick” enters this bout as a (-155) favorite. Cody Durden enters as a (+130) underdog. This fight is a pick’em to me. Flick has incredibly sound submission skills and fights out of Thunderkick Fitness. Durden will look to get Flick out of there early. Durden has the more notable GYM behind him with American Top Team Atlanta. However Durden’s wrestling will lead him into Flicks trap of setting him up in a submission. Flick has talked about knocking Durden out but I see that as a mind game. Flick does have a three-inch reach advantage. Flick knows what he excels at and where he is most comfortable.

Tafon “Cameroon Express” Nchukwi (4-0) vs. Jamie “Nightwolf” Pickett (11-4)

“Cameroon Express” enters this bout as a (-350) favorite. Jamie Pickett enters as a (+290) underdog. Something doesn’t feel right here. Nchuwki has cut a lot of weight for this bout. Pickett normally walks around at 185lbs. We will truly see what Nchuwki is made of tonight. Pickett is an explosive fighter, that said in an interview he almost gave it up. What I like about Pickett is he has great fundamentals. Good wrestling, smart boxing, and he delivers a wallop. Nchuwki only has four fights on his MMA record and you probably don’t know any of them. Pickett has overcome losses and his story is shaping up to be one of epic proportions. Nchuwki will do everything he can to finish this fight early to avoid the fatigue of cutting weight. However, anytime someone cuts this much weight I can’t pick them to win. I believe Pickett gets his hand raised tonight. What a payout for bettors that will be.

Gillian “The Savage” Robertson (9-4) vs. Taila Santos (16-1)

“The Savage” enters this bout as a (-115) small favorite. Taila Santos enters as a (-110) small underdog. The UFC wants Santos to be a star so bad. Santos will try to make her five-inch reach advantage work for her tonight. Gillian Robertson is a real savage and will not go away easily. However, Robertson’s striking worries me. I believe Santos will keep Robertson at bay and get her to play her game. I do believe Robertson has the better camp behind her at American Top Team but that is more of an outlier in this scenario.

Deron Winn (6-2) vs. Antonio Arroyo (9-3)

Deron Winn enters this bout as a (+130) underdog. Antonio Arroyo enters as a (-165) favorite. I am confused at why this fight is on the card. Arroyo stands at 6’3″ tall. Winn is only 5’6″ tall. That is a stark difference between these two men. Winn looking to avoid his third loss will have a David vs. Goliath scenario to fight through first. Winn fights out of the American Kickboxing Academy so he will have to move well to avoid taking too much damage. Arroyo fights out of the Marajo Brothers Team and will be looking to stay grounded until he can finish this one. I believe Arroyo wins handily and that’s not a knock on Deron Winn because he is talented in his own right.

Sijara “SarJ” Eubanks (6-5) vs. Pannie “Banzai” Kianzad (13-5)

“SarJ” enters this bout as a slight (-165) favorite. Pannie Kianzad enters this fight as a (+135) underdog. Sijara Eubanks has her hands full in this fight. Eubanks is backed by the Mark Henry Boxing/NCMMA and will look to take it to Kianzad on the feet. Pannie Kianzad fights out of the Arte Suave Copenhagen Association and is looking to string together her third win in a row inside the UFC octagon. Kianzad is used to going the distance and Eubanks will look to close this out before it can reach the judges scorecards. I smell redemption! Eubanks has had a bumpy ride in the UFC but tonight she gets Kianzad at the perfect time.

Anthony “Showtime” Pettis (23-10) vs. Alex “The Great White” Moreno (18-6)

“Showtime” enters this bout as a (-230) favorite. Alex Moreno enters as a (+190) underdog. Let me make this simple. Anthony Pettis best days are behind him. However, he doesn’t need to have a best day to beat Alex Moreno. Let me take this a step further. Pettis wants a war everytime he steps inside the octagon and I see Moreno as a fighter who is “OK” with winning by decision. Tonight Pettis will be the aggressor and that will in return send Moreno reeling and playing into the hands of Pettis.

Marcin “Tybur” Tybura (20-6) vs. Greg “The Prince of War” Hardy (7-2)

“Tybur” enters this bout as a (+100) near even. Greg Hardy enters as a (-125) favorite. I can’t believe I am saying it but Vegas is right on the money! Joe Rogan and the other media types may not like Hardy but he is developing right before our eyes. Tybura has a slow pace and has won his last three fights by unimpressive decisions. Greg Hardy may not have great cardio but Tybura doesn’t have the best chin either.

Marlon “Magic” Moraes (23-7) vs. Rob Font (17-4)

“Magic” enters this bout as a (-160) slight favorite. Rob Front enters as a (+130) underdog. WARNING: I am highly-biased toward Moraes. Marlon Moraes is a walking highlight-reel. Tonight he will look to add to his collection against a formidable opponent in Rob Font. I don’t see this fight lasting long but I do see it being exhilarating.

Michael “Demolidor” Pereira (24-11) vs. Kalinn “Khaos the Ox Fighter” Williams (11-1)

“Demolidor” enters this bout as a (-125) favorite. Kalinn Williams enters as a (+100) near even. Khaos has been on a tear so I expect the sharps to hammer him at +100 odds. However, Michael Pereira is the more technical all-around fighter. Hard to go against a guy nicknamed “Khaos the Ox Fighter” so I will.

Jose “Junior” Aldo (28-7) vs. Marlon “Chito” Vera (18-6-1)

“Junior” enters this bout as a (-150) underdog. Marlon Vera enters as a (+125) underdog. Jose Aldo is back and ready to go to war with “Chito”. People are throwing salt on Vera and I believe that will empower him more than hurt him. You can never underestimate Jose Aldo but Vera is coming into his prime at the right time.

Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson (15-4-1) vs. Geoff “Handz of Steel” Neal (13-2)

“Wonderboy” enters this bout as a (+100) near even. Geoff Neal enters as a (-120) near even. Hardest fight to pick right here. I am a fan of both fighters skill sets and associations they represent. However, I have not bought stock in “Wonderboy” being the next big thing. Many of you have so pick wisely. Geoff Neal is heavy handed with a skill set that is underrated. Both fighters will be out to score a memorable finish. I believe Geoff Neal has more power and will in turn do more damage and come out victorious.

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