Do we need A New Approach to Governing, Media, and Technology? Will you take the Covid-19 Vaccine? And more

Recently, 32 Veterans died in a nursing home in Lasalle, Illinois. Where is the outrage? Chris Rock suggested we need a ‘scientific supreme court’. Is he out of his mind? I tell you what President Trump and former President Obama have eerily in common. Small businesses and families are feeling the pressure of the lock downs everyday. While Joel Osteen received 4.4 million in (PPP) loans for his megachurch. I hit on the race baiting in the media that continues to disappoint us all. Telling the tragic story of Ryan Whitaker. The Covid-19 vaccine is arriving day by day. Will you take it? Establishment ‘GOP’ Republicans begin turning their back on President Trump. Mainstream media and Democrats want the Eric Swalwell report of him having sexual relations with a Chinese spy to simply ‘go away’. Republican leaders clamor for House Speaker Pelosi to remove Swalwell. Thank you for listening and GOD bless you! Verse of the day Romans 12:16. Prayer at the end of the show. Sound effects CREDIT: 


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