NFL Week 14 Picks-Redemption Time

It’s Week 14 in the NFL. Only a few teams stand out among the fray. What’s that? You guessed it. Redemption Time! I give you my pick for each game in this blockbuster exclusive episode for you the valued listener. Can the Rams overcome the re surging Patriots? Do the Texans or the Bears have a chance? How about the Cowboys vs. Bengals? Is this the toilet bowl we needed all along? Chiefs vs. FIns: a prelude to the Super Bowl? Will the Cardinals or Giants find redemption road? The Vikings aren’t out of the playoff hunt but they can’t afford a loss to the Buccaneers. Broncos have no identity but neither do the Panthers as they duel in Charlotte, North Carolina on Sunday. Titans are unpredictable but talented as they lock horns with the Jaguars who have nothing to play for but pride. Colts are the real deal but are the Raiders? Should the Jets even be a team? I believe the Seahawks will score the most points this week of any team! Saints vs. Eagles: a game we will see what both teams are made of. Falcons traveling to LA to play the Chargers who couldn’t score a single point last week. Redskins head to San Francisco to reclaim the NFC East Division. Steelers are a great team but are they running out of steam? Nobody escapes Bills Mafia without a major battle. Ravens aren’t done but the Browns are rolling like a well oiled machine!

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