A Grave Injustice (PODCAST)

As Blue State Governors continue to shutter restaurants, barber shops, and small business; our way of life is changing as we know it. Not for the better either. Talk of reparations being shut out in democrat controlled states like Illinois. While the Democrat communists act like they are friends of the minority communities. Drugs being legalized across the country only to incur the wrath of GOD and the ugly side of humanity. Remember the age old saying; “Don’t let the bad apples spoil it for the whole bunch?” We are seeing the whole bunch eat the bad apples. However, the bad apples are multiplying faster than they can be eaten. The attacks on our police departments and local law enforcement must stop. Who will defend them or speak up for them once President Trump is forced out by a rigged election for Biden? Biden and Harris a thug regime that want’s power in the hands of the rich and wealthy; have never stood up for the people and demanded more relief money? How could America become so oblivious to the deceitful ways of the radical left? By electing a Biden-Harris ticket you have allowed Saturday Night Live to operate in the White House. While Americas enemies lick their chops, the morality of our beautiful nation is hanging in the balance. My voice may do little to change that but your voice can do everything to prolong the coming rapture.

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