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To better serve my audience I have decided to start a MONTHLY NEWSLETTER. I believe now is better than ever to share the different views and information we aren’t receiving from the mainstream media. I fear a Joe Biden Presidency will not only bring more disinformation but even more misinformation. My NEWSLETTER is another way I can be part of the solution. By reading is how you can be apart of something bigger than all of us.

Every morning I wake up I drink coffee and collect my thoughts. I then scan through the news on Then using the google news app which I have geared toward topics and publishers I trust; I read different articles that peak my interest. The last thing I want to read when I wake up is something depressing.

I have always had an idea to do a Weekly Newsletter. How could I make it stand out was where I found myself at a crossroads. Then it dawned on me. “What if I share news that actually resonates with people?” Not conspiracy, not propaganda, and not always what you expect to hear. Rather reliable information, trustworthy news, full of substance that hits home with millions of us that don’t feel like they have one.

I have watched the news ever since I was a little guy. Wow! What a snooze fest back in the 90’s. Then something happened, something changed. What I call “opportunist” media organizations and individuals started popping up all over. The mainstream media drooled over poking fun at Former President George W. Bush. Yes, even (FOX NEWS). I understand how the opportunist media loses sight of their ethics when focusing on a juicy story.

For instance: (Reuters) and (RT News) wasted no time laying shame to Former President Obama for every misstep. In fact, most of the major news organizations (beside a few) wrote constant slam pieces against Former President Obama and members of his administration. I’m not saying whether this type of work was justified or not just that I was paying attention.

There is no doubt in my mind that President Trump has received the worst media abuse in modern history. Not only did he have to fight with his own party (the G.O.P.) for four years, he had to fight impeachment from Democrats across the aisle, one phony lawsuit after another, constant media shame of his own family. These actions from our Free Press and our Elected Officials are so disheartening it makes me wonder how they sleep at night.

What I can tell you for a fact; is the mainstream media operates in cycles. Whoever is in charge is fair game for them. Political party or preference can only protect you from the initial blow back. I built my life on being an internal-optimist so that’s how I’m building my newsletter. I am going to give you THREE FASCINATING HEADLINES every week. Plus! I throw in a bountiful of gems. I promise, you don’t want to miss out on the FancyPreston newsletter!

Remember this is for YOU! Tell me what YOU want to hear. You can reach me by email or by leaving a comment. Don’t fear! I will respond to all of your requests in the order I receive them.

What’s the hold up with federally decriminalizing marijuana?

News is swirling about a coming vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on descheduling marijuana from the Class 1 controlled substance list.

If such legislation passed this would deck the halls with what I expect would be the beginning of the marijuana “gold rush”. Too early for Christmas jokes?

Back to what’s holding this legislation up. Well, in all honesty it’s the Republican controlled Senate that is sticking to their guns “figuratively speaking”.

(R-KY) Sen. Mitch McConnell is not a fan of marijuana or how much success the economy would gain from decriminalizing weed. Sen. McConnell with all due respect, has instead put all his chips into backing legalized hemp when he pushed the 2018 Farm Bil that President Trump signed ‘with a hemp pen’ on October 29th.

We are left with a great unknown on this legislation’s destiny in the Senate. No matter what happens with the two Georgia Senate seats up for grabs in the runoff election.

My article was inspired by Jonathan D. Satant’s story published in NJ Advance Media for

The source article originally appeared on

Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem from Pexels

It’s back…

This is not a drill! I’m so proud of America I might cry barbecue sauce or ask for it in my drink.

The McRib will be ready for gluttony on Wednesday, 12/02/2020.

It’s about to get saucy! These are way better than the rib sandwiches I used to choke down back in high school. Some of those school lunches I thought were my last meal.

Anyways, yay McRib is back! If you want a chance to win a free McRib I will link the original article where you can enter in. One last thing (in my Lieutenant Columbo voice). Don’t forget your bib!

My article was inspired by Kelly Tyko’s story published in USA Today.

The source article originally appeared on USA Today:

Photo Credit:

Quick Hitters

  • Seems like Elon Musk has gotten everything he’s asked for except ‘Teslaquila’.
  • That thing I wanted but never bought. Yeah, the Mac mini. I kind of want one now. Appears AWS (Amazon Web Services) is getting with the program.
  • Fire in the glass. Tasty. Almost as good as beer pong on a casket. Reintroducing Vienna Lager.
  • TGI Friday’s or Recreational Marijuana Shop? Don’t worry you have all the time to decide. Here is a place that is undecided like you.
  • Did you want that to go sir? In Philadelphia an lawfully armed citizen stops a robbery in progress. What kind of jerk robs a restaurant during the Covid-19 pandemic?
  • Hurry up with that vaccine! Super Nintendo World theme park opens Feb. 4th, 2021. They have rides matching the characters and that take’s the cake.
  • I don’t think China likes wine. Treasury Wine becomes latest victim of China’s trade war with Australia.

Photo credit:, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s official. …She won by 6-votes!

Iowa’s 2nd district House of Representatives race was certified Monday by state election officials. (R-IA) Mariannette Miller-Meeks (wow what a name) defeated Democrat challenger Rita Hart in a recount.

Why did they need a recount? Well, you know that fancy technology doesn’t always work as programmed. Yes, even in 2020.

Democrat challenger Rita hart actually asked for the recount. After “reporting errors” arose flipping the lead between the two candidates multiple times. Leaving Mariannette Miller-Meeks the winner by 47 votes initially.

However, Mariannette Miller-Meeks held on to her lead. The Republican win now allows us to project that the Democrats will have an even smaller majority in the House of Representatives with approximately 222 house seats. Opposed to approximately 213 Republican controlled house seats.

This puts Speaker of the House of Representatives (D-CA) Nancy Pelosi’s leadership in further jeopardy. The Democrats are far away from the 290 votes needed for a Supermajority.

Many house seats Democrats lost or failed to pick up like Iowa’s 2nd District are being attributed to Speaker Pelosi’s inability to compromise with President Trump on a second stimulus package. Something the American people desperately need.

My article was inspired by nytimespost story published in the New York Post.

The source article originally appeared in the New York Times Post:

Also inspired by Kerry Picket’s story published in the Washington Examiner.

The source article originally appeared in the Washington Examiner:

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