Dez Bryant – Antonio Brown Receiving This Much Media Hype Is Annoying

… And a disservice to the ultra-talented wide receivers balling out through seven-weeks in the NFL! Not only can we not break away from the election special going on. The mainstream sports media are drilling us with Dez Bryant and Antonio Brown returning!

Dez Bryant hasn’t played a snap since 2017! Not only that; Dez didn’t exactly leave on a palomino white horse into the sunset. On top of those samplers; Dez is only on the Baltimore Ravens practice squad! Dez Bryant is an undoubtedly intense wrecking-machine at wide receiver. Dez will either wreck opposing defenses or wreck his own teams confidence. One undeniable truth is you can never have enough reserves in the NFL. The risk for injury is higher than it’s ever been. That is why I see Dez Bryant returning to the starting lineup eventually. I will offer this up to you valued readers.: In my eyes the real story is Dez Bryant returning to the NFL after reaching a pinnacle, and then entering the depths of NFL stardom.

That eloquent soliloquy leads us into the story that makes a hell of a lot more sense. Revolving around Antonio Brown. AB reached a one-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and his favorite New England legend Tom Brady. This seemed like clandestine. Not only is Tom Brady doing better than his six-time Super Bowl winning champion head coach Bill Belichick. The Buccaneers front office picked up a guy (Antonio Brown) who Belichick sent packing when the three of these high-rollers were all under the Patriots franchise. I have no doubt that Antonio Brown will be a factor in the Buccaneers offense. Ronald Jones is still a blessing for Tom Brady to hand the ball off to. Gronk doesn’t have the same wheels as he used to. O.J. Howard is injured. Cameron Brate shows up when he wants. However, having Godwin back as a speed receiver in the slot—inserting Antonio Brown beside him—will be a fun combination to monitor throughout the rest of the season.

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