Texans vs. Chiefs Week 1 best bet

No preseason, limited practices, and an empty off-season. You think both teams are going to light it up tonight? Glad you decided to read this before costing yourself some serious cash. The Texans are looking to avenge a defeat in the playoffs from the hands of the Chiefs. The defending champion Chiefs are out to prove they are still the favorites to repeat a Super Bowl victory.

Scrimmages and drills don’t cut it in the NFL. Tonight the Chiefs offense led by Patrick Mahomes are going to use the ‘dink and dunk’ offense to set the tone. The Texans defense led by JJ Watt who is returning from injury will be out to stifle those plans. I can’t help but expect some sloppy play early on in this game. Texans QB DeShaun Watson has a new band of receivers and hasn’t had a lot of time to work with them. Plus a new running back in the mix for the Texans. The chemistry and flow of these teams is going to be out of sync early on. You don’t just pick up from where you left off last season in the NFL.

Talent wise the advantage lies with the Chiefs. A lot of questions surround the Chiefs defense. Normally a slow starting unit. If the Chiefs defense can force the Texans offense off the field multiple times early on. That will spell disaster for the Texans over the course of this game. The Texans defense is a solid unit and early on in games last year provided a great deal of resistance to opposing offenses. Nobody is talking about the injury Mahomes sustained last year due largely in part to how he performed in the Super Bowl. One thing the Chiefs don’t want is Mahomes being pressured early before he can find his rhythm. Expect the Texans to attempt to do just that and contain Mahomes.

I anticipate an ugly start but an overall enjoyable game. Once we come out of halftime this game has the potential to really heat up. Both teams are somewhat familiar with how each other play so expect to see some trickery. Chiefs at home with some fans is a slight advantage. Momentum which is always a factor will dictate who wins this contest.

My wager: DeShaun Watson Any Time TD Scorer (+195). No way we go through an hour and Watson doesn’t run one in or pass for one TD. I see Watson doing both tonight and cementing himself a nice game when all is said and done.

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