MLB Opening Day best bets

The line: New York Yankees (-140) vs Washington Nationals (+120).

My wager: UNDER 8.5 (-165) total team runs. The Yankees hitting isn’t in rhythm. Nationals are still trying to find their rhythm hitting the ball. Doesn’t help both dugouts are up against the two best aces in the league. I see this being a low scoring pitching duel between (SP) Max Scherzer and (SP) Gerrit Cole.

The line: San Francisco Giants (+255) vs Los Angeles Dodgers (-310).

My wager: OVER 4.5 (-135) Dodgers total run line. (SP) J. Cueto for the SF Giants is fresh off Tommy John surgery. Too many unanswered questions on what level he will be at for tomorrows opener. I don’t feel comfortable betting on the SF Giants hitting against Dodgers (SP) C. Kershaw either. Dodgers hitters will have enough juice to grab the over for us tomorrow.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

*Odds courtesy of and are subject to change at any time.*

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