What an inaccurate Census count means for Illinois


Proving imperfect in its intentions; the United States Census has major implications for every region of America. The U.S. Census data specifically holds rich economic and political value. These two issues are directly tied to every community. Census data is used for handing out delegates in the electoral college for our Presidential election cycles. No matter how you feel about filling out the Census document; the purpose is multifaceted.


Census counts have been going on since the early 17th century, when nowadays American colonies were under British rule. The Census counts of the 18th century asked so many questions it would take nearly a decade to publish the information. In 1890 a fella named Herman Hollerith mechanized the census count by creating a tabulating machine; which summarized information on punch cards. This electromechanical machine remarkably sped up processing time to two and a half years instead of ten.


US Census data is used to level the playing field on the political stage. Based on population size states are allocated money by the federal government. Then that money is dished out to the communities by the powers of the state. Population size decides how many house seats a state is awarded. We all know how much those house seats are important to the Republicans and Democrats. A larger census count is a good thing but an accurate census count will prove to be everything.


Political strongholds across the country either uplift or dismantle the economy and inner workings of a community. Using Illinois as an example: a state that relies heavily on federal funding; $13.18 billion to be exact in 2020 alone. We are (-$318) per resident compared to what we put in to federal taxes each year. Yet, the Democrats here say they are working for you but the numbers don’t reflect that notion. Illinois by majority rule is a heavily Democrat operated stronghold. If we look at the State House of Representatives where political policy is made … for over 40 years Democrats led by Speaker of the House Mike Madigan have held control. Even with Republican Governor Rauner winning in 2015, his tenure was hindered by a Democrat House and Senate controlled in Springfield, IL by Madigan and his cohorts. You see what I mean when I say dismantle an economy now.


Regardless of the politicians: lying, cheating, stealing, and all their other sins. We all should be filling out the US Census form. An inaccurate Census count spells more disaster and economic hardship for our state. I encourage you to fill out the Census form if you are requested to. God bless you and may God watch over you and your family. Amen.

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