Cam Newton and New England Patriots Prop Helper

Best news of the Patriots 2020 off season is … Cam Newton signing a 1 year deal with them! With Bill Belichick as head coach and *if* Cam Newton starts week 1 these are the futures I believe have value.

Let me unpack a few things for you: the Patriots were 6-2 at home, and 6-2 on the road in 2019. This is in fact due to their defense; which, comes into this season exceptionally intact.

After reviewing the Patriots 2020-21 schedule and the rosters of their opponents. I believe they can win a generously high 9 games total but anything over that is chasing.

Finishing Position – AFC East – New England Patriots. – 1st @ (+110) is good but 2nd @ (+225) is better. Don’t count out the Buffalo Bills or a resurgence from the New York Jets this season. Both teams improved over the off season.

To Make The Playoffs – New England Patriots I say YES!

NFL Comeback Player of the Year – Cam Newton (+300) has a significant chance to hit.

Cam Newton – Interceptions O/U 14.5 I like the Under. Cam has only thrown over 15 interceptions twice in his career. His first season in the league and his last full season in 2017. Where he also threw for 22 TDs and led the Panthers to an 11-5 winning record.

Cam Newton – Passing TDs O/U 25 – I like the Under. Cam has thrown over 25 TDs in a season once in his entire career. That was fiver years ago. Coming off an injury, learning a new offensive playbook, and adjusting to new teammates will prevent him from eclipsing 25 TDs this season.

Cam Newton – Passing Yards O/U 3,650 – I like the Under. Cam has only gone over that number twice and that was in his first two seasons with the Panthers. Not enough preparation to prepare and outdo those numbers this season.

Cam Newton – Rushing Yards O/U 5.5 – I like the Over. Cam has all the attributes to take off while near the red zone or scrambling from a defender. I would be surprised if Belichick hasn’t already schemed some QB draws for Newton by now.

Julian Edelman – Receiving Yards O/U 905.5 – I will take a shot here on the Over.

*All odds are courtesy of and are subject to change at any given time.*

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