Gov. Pritzker’s stay at home order is one misstep but neglecting Illinois working families is a face plant

Without questioning the rather chalky validity of Gov. Pritzker’s stay at home order and how buffoonish it has been implemented. The latter is to focus on Illinois households that are feeling the effects of a state bureaucracy that continues to prove it is fiscally irresponsible. Long dismissing its once booming communities in: Cairo, Danville, Dekalb, Kankakee, Joliet, and the list goes on. While communities grapple with the immediate impact of Covid-19, the residual effects of Gov. Pritzker’s reopen phase is driving the state deeper into turmoil.

Covid-19 has not only shined a light on how incompetent the leadership at the top is here in Illinois but how pathetic and weak the response has been for struggling business on the brink of shuttering there doors for good. How truly technologically behind, and understaffed the departments of the state are. Adding to the notion that the government is out of touch with the bulk of its own residents and deepening the divides communities have long struggled to overcome.

While Gov. Pritzker wages a private war with businesses in defiance of his Executive Order those direct actions trickle down to the employee and further into the economy of the state leaving residents along with the rest of the nation to cover the costs. After facing blow back from lawmakers who were encouraged by the people they represent to fight this emergency rule filed by Gov. Pritzker. Looks as if Gov. Pritzker is backing down from his initial emergency rule file but not quick enough. Prolonging tattoo shops, salons, barber shops, and all other businesses deemed non essential to reopen is also devastating families and peoples livelihoods across Illinois.

Governor Pritzker refuses to back down from his progressive tax initiative on Novembers ballot. Citing the scare tactic of slashing state funding to programs that are desperately in need if the initiative is not passed. However; taxes have continued to rise over the last decade and if we could tax ourselves out of debt we wouldn’t be in this fiscal shortfall in the first place.

The narrative that you care for people but want to restrict their freedoms doesn’t gel. Illinois is close to leading the nation for most residents who have moved out of the state. The census count looms and even if its pushed back farther it reeks of disaster for future funding to the State of Illinois. Each passing day is another day closer to facing the storm that is upon us. Gov. Pritzker must heed the medical professionals advice but understand this; if his administration falls further behind reopening the state of Illinois we will all suffer irreparable damage.

By: Preston Olson









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